How to Recognize Silver Jewelry

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Silver jewelry is regarded as one of the most popular jewelry available in the market. They are available in different designs and colors. As it has been designed into unique patterns, several fashion followers are fond of it. Most of the time, people use silver jewelry to decorate their beautiful clothes. Although there are various types of silver ornaments available in the market, you should be really cautious while choosing one for yourself. When you start looking for silver jewelries, you will come across several types’ of fake silver jewelry in the market.

These jewelries look as real silver jewelries. There are many who unknowingly purchase the fake jewelries by mistaking them with the real ones. If you want to ignore such type of mistakes, you should know how to identify a real silver ornament. In this article, you will come across some tips by which you can make a difference between a real silver jewelry and a fake one.

The first important thing that you should notice while buying this type of ornament is the color of the jewelry. It the ornament that you are purchasing consists of lead, it will have little blue-gray color. If it is made of copper, the surface of the ornament will have a rough look and it will not shine. The second significant thing that will help you identify a real piece of silver ornament is the weight of the ornament. The density of silver is more when compared with the other kinds of metals. If the jewelry that you are purchasing is of big size but is light weighted, it signifies that it is made of other kinds of metals.

Another thing to be noted while looking for a real silver jewelry is to verify its hardness. Silver is a much softer material than copper, but is much harder than tin and lead. You can scratch over it with a pin. If you are not able to make a mark on the piece of jewelry, you can understand that it is made of copper. If you can make a scratch in an easy manner and if the mark leaves a deep impression, it signifies the jewelry is made of tin or lead. If you are not able to make any type of mark, be sure that it is a silver jewelry.

You can judge the ornament by hearing it. For this, you need to throw the ornament from the ground. If you are able to hear a clear sound it signifies that the one that you have chosen is made of pure silver. If the jewelry contains less amount of silver, it will produce a mild sound. If the ornament is made of copper, it will produce a loud and piecing sound.

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