How to Play Better Cricket

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As much as anyone I love hitting the cricket ball, as hard and as often as possible, However it doesn’t come quite as easily as many would think..Cricket, is a lot of hard work.

The old axiom that boys and girls around the world from Mumbai to London to Sydney, should live and breathe is: “Practice makes perfect.”

Natural skills make up only 50 per- cent of a batsman’s game. The ability to swing the ball both ways is only good for a bowler if he can master. movement both ways consistently in a match, and not just at practice.

A player with ability who doesn’t utilise it to the fullest extent is often not in the same bracket as the good old fashioned trier who uses his skills to the very fullest and makes up for the rest with sheer dedication and application.

The proven formula for successful cricket is 50 per cent skills, 40 per cent application and 10 per cent fitness.

Fitness and concentration are close aligned. lf you haven’t got the stamina, it’s easy to lose your concentration and in the blink of an eye is all it takes for a batsman to be walking back to the pavilion.

Other kids at 11 and 13 may have been better than me, but by working at it, and devoting myself to the game, l was able to outdo them by the time l was 16 or so. You don’t go stale, you just increase your chances of improving. At practice whether its batting, bowling or fielding, throw yourself into it like it’s an actual match.

Don’t forget the fielding aspect either. Reflexes here aid both your batting and bowling.

Young kids shouldn’t worry if they miss the team or can’t make runs or take wickets. The results will come as long as you put in the effort. One big advantage for children is if you look like a cricketer, you often get a game in front of your mate. It doesn’t require lots of money to be neat with clean white shoes and pressed pants and shirt. Look like a cricketer and you’ll be part of your team, in no time. Even if you haven’t got any cricket mad brothers and sisters, there are many at your club and around your home. Practice every night and watch the rewardsl

write by Howard Malan

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