How to Mark Darts – 3 Easiest Methods

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If you are new to sewing darts, your first question will be how do I transfer those dart markings on my pattern onto the fabric? Well, never fear – here are 3 ways how to mark darts.

how to mark dartsPinHow to Mark Darts


How to Mark Darts Method 1 – fastest/easiest way to mark dartsMethod 2 – Marking darts with carbon paperMethod 3 – Marking darts with pinsHow to Mark Darts – In ConclusionMORE READING – SEWING DARTS

How to Mark Darts

These are the 3 ways I mark darts

Method 1 which is the fastest method uses a cut in the patternMethod 2 uses carbon paper to mark the dartsMethod 2 uses pins to mark key points and the apex

Method 1 – fastest/easiest way to mark darts

Let`s start with my all-time favorite method. I`ve called it the cut and fold!

Cut up one side of the dart and then fold back the paper pattern along the other side. Then you can simply trace the shape of the dart with chalk or a removable pen. If you are precious about your pattern you can always sticky tape the cut back up.

how to mark dartshow to mark dartsPinHow to Mark Darts with Cutting

Method 2 – Marking darts with carbon paper

Method 2 is using carbon paper and a tracing wheel.

Slip the carbon paper (this is a special sewing carbon paper and not your general one found at stationers) face down between the pattern and fabric and then trace over the dart shape with the tracing wheel. The tracing wheel will perforate your pattern so you may want to place sticky tape over the lines after you have finished.

how to mark darts with carbonhow to mark darts with carbonPinHow to Mark Darts with Carbon

Method 3 – Marking darts with pins

This is the way my Mum taught me. Using small headed pins, pin through the dart in several places. This pattern had circles where I could place the pins. Gently lift up the pattern leaving the pins in place. This will put small holes in the pattern as you lift up and over the pin heads. Then mark the pin positions on the fabric and join them up.

How to Mark Darts with PinsHow to Mark Darts with PinsPinHow to Mark Darts with PinsHow to Mark Darts with PinsHow to Mark Darts with PinsPinHow to Mark Darts with Pins

How to Mark Darts – In Conclusion

So there you have your 3 ways to mark darts on fabric. Which one do you like best? Now you have marked your darts, it is time to start sewing!


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