How to Make a Wrist Strap Tutorial

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Learn how to make a wrist strap. If you have a fabulous clutch or bag pattern that would be just perfect with the addition of a wrist strap, then this tutorial is for you. Wrist straps take only a scrap of fabric and can free up your hands at that all-important party or event. No more sticking your clutch under your arm. It can just dangle elegantly from your wrist.

how to make a wrist strapPinHow to Make a Wrist Strap


Wrist Strap SuppliesHow to Make a Wrist Strap – VideoHow to Make a Wrist StrapStep 1 – Press FabricStep 2 – Thread ClaspStep 3 – Refold the EdgesStep 4 – Secure ClaspStep 5 – The D Ring LoopHow to Make a Wrist Strap – In ConclusionMore Useful Bag Making ArticlesMORE FREE BAG PATTERNS

Wrist Strap Supplies

COTTON FABRICLoop: Cut fabric – 2 x 2 inches (5x5cm);Handle: Cut – 2 x 13 inches (5x33cm) CLASP – ½ inch (12mm) lobster claspRING – ½ inch (12mm) d-ring or o-ring

How to Make a Wrist Strap – Video

Here is a video showing you how to make a wrist strap. Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more weekly sewing videos. Press play >>

How to Make aWrist Strap VIDEO

How to Make a Wrist Strap

Step 1 – Press Fabric

Press your handle strip lengthwise with WRONG sides together so the long edges meet in the middle. Press it in half again.

press strapspress strapsPinHow to Make a Wrist Strap – Step 1

Step 2 – Thread Clasp

Thread your long handle strip through the lobster clasp. Open up the ends and with RIGHT sides together, stitch along the raw edges with a ¼ inch (6mm) seam allowance. Press open the seam.

stitch seamstitch seamPinHow to Make a Wrist Strap – Step 2

Step 3 – Refold the Edges

Refold the pressed edges of your handle and pin. Stitch around your handle close to both edges. You will need to slide your clasp along as you sew to keep it out of the way.

stitch edgestitch edgePinHow to Make a Wrist Strap – Step 3

Step 4 – Secure Clasp

Fold the handle in half and stitch across ½ inch (12mm) from the clasp. Make sure the seam is hidden in the loop of the clasp.

Step 5 – The D Ring Loop

Press the loop using the same method in step 1. Stitch along both sides of your loop strip. Thread it through the d-ring and baste the ends together. You will now insert this loop piece into a side seam of your clutch or bag. 

stitch the d ringstitch the d ringPinHow to Make a Wrist Strap – Step 4 and 5

How to Make a Wrist Strap – In Conclusion

All finished! What fabulous bag are you planning on adding your wrist strap to? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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