How to Iron Without an Ironing Board – 14 Ways

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Using an ironing board makes ironing clothes faster and easier, but there are numerous ways to iron without an ironing board. It is important to know how to do it in case your board gets damaged, or you simply do not have one. Regardless of the reason, you do not need to worry if you do not have a board to lay your clothes on. Continue reading for 14 ways how to iron without an ironing board.

How to Iron Without an Ironing BoardPinHow to Iron Without an Ironing Board


How to Iron Without an Ironing BoardTables and CountertopsWooden SurfacesVinyl or Laminate CountertopsStone, Granite, or Marble CountertopsUsing an Ironing MatUsing the Surface of Your Washer or DryerUsing the FloorUsing Your BedUsing Your Iron VerticallyUsing a Wood PlankUsing a Mini Ironing BoardUsing a Wrinkle-Release SprayUsing Steam from a Hot ShowerUsing a Hair StraightenerConclusion – How to Iron Without an Ironing Board

How to Iron Without an Ironing Board

Tables and Countertops

This method of ironing without an ironing board is one of your best options. That is because you can use this solution virtually anywhere. In order to iron on a table or countertop, you have to place 1 to 2 towels on the surface first to make ironing easier. Aside from preventing any damages from the heat, it makes the surface you will iron on non-slip. It also helps absorb extra moisture from the steam iron.

Wooden Surfaces

Even though it is possible, this solution is the least recommended and should be your last resort. If there is no other method of how to iron without an ironing board, you can do it like this:

First, you need a natural fiber blanket or folded towel to cover the wooden surface. This is for protection and preventing damage from heat or steam. Your wooden surface will be better protected if you put more layers of fabric underneath. The safest choice is placing at least 2 towels over a layer of waterproof plastic.

You will see a cloudy white spot on the surface if wood takes in too much moisture. You also need to be wary when you iron on thin veneered wood such as the ones from Ikea or wood thickly coated with varnish. These can cause spots to appear when the temperature gets too hot while you are ironing.

Vinyl or Laminate Countertops

The moisture and heat from an iron can cause the glue on the edges of the vinyl and laminate countertops to be soft and lift, even though they are rather durable. Using this method, you can place a towel for protection against excessive steam and burning fabrics.

Stone, Granite, or Marble Countertops

You might be wondering if you can iron on a marble surface. Marble countertops can resist heat well, so you can iron on these without any worries. Nevertheless, placing a towel between your fabric and countertop still needs to be done.

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Using an Ironing Mat

Aside from being useful, ironing mats are functional and easy to carry. Investing in an ironing mat is also worth it if you need to iron your clothes quickly without an ironing board. Ironing mats are well-padded, so you can use them as an ironing board on any surface. You can place these on top of your washing machine or dryer and use them anytime.

If you consider buying one, you can easily find these in your local or online stores. It is recommended to get one with a magnetic lining so that it will stick on the surface and not move while you iron. You can fold or roll this up and put it in your bag or drawer when you are done.

Using the Surface of Your Washer or Dryer

This method of ironing without an ironing board is great because the surface provides an ideal improvised board. It is also convenient since you can iron and fold your clothes as soon as they come out of your dryer.

As mentioned, using ironing mats with a magnetic lining is recommended. If you don`t have an ironing mat, place a couple of towels on the washer or dryer top. This ironing solution is also budget-friendly.

Using the Floor

Using the floor as an option for how to iron without an ironing board can hurt your back. Nevertheless, this method is free and effective. You just need to be careful with floors that are sensitive to heat, such as varnished wood or vinyl. Similar to tables, you can place 1 to 2 towels down before you iron.

Using Your Bed

A bed is many people’s go-to method for ironing without an ironing board. Nevertheless, similar to other methods mentioned, you need to protect your bed from the accumulation of moisture. You can protect your mattress by putting a plastic sheet under a towel before you iron. If there is any moisture that comes through, you need to remember to aerate your mattress afterward.

How to Iron Without an Ironing BoardHow to Iron Without an Ironing BoardPin How to Iron Without an Ironing Board

Using Your Iron Vertically

You can iron your clothes vertically by hanging them. Many steam irons have a vertical steaming setting. You use a hanger to place the fabric you want to iron vertically. Then, you turn your iron on and set it to its maximum temperature. This is to make sure that the steam coming out from your iron is powerful.

Next is you glide your iron over the fabric. If you use the back of your door to hang your garment, you can press the iron on the fabric’s surface. You just need to make sure that your door can stand the heat. You can use steam for thin fabrics. It is important not to let the fabric and soleplate come in contact to prevent burning or scorching the fabric.

Using a Wood Plank

Before the ironing board was invented, using a wood plank was commonly used. This is a good way if you are looking for a semi-permanent, affordable, and versatile method on how to iron without an ironing board. If your surface is flimsy or you do not want to use your wooden table due to the fear of getting it stained, a good alternative is a plain wood plank.

What you do is cover the wood panel using a towel and place it on your lap or flat surface. You can also use a towel-wrapped breadboard to balance the plank over your knees. You can iron faster if you have a wide plank since you have a large area to iron on.

Using a Mini Ironing Board

Suppose you have limited space at home but are searching for a good alternative to a large ironing board. In that case, a mini ironing board is worth checking out. This is recommended if you do not want to burden yourself with the size and cost of a regular ironing board.

The main differences between mini ironing boards and regular standing boards are compactness and weight. You can easily store one under your bed and inside a cupboard. Setting it up is easy.

Using a Wrinkle-Release Spray

If you are busy and do not have much time, this technique on how to iron without an ironing board can be a lifesaver. The chemicals found in a wrinkle-release spray relax your garments’ fibers. The finished look is similar to ironed clothes. You simply spray and pull the fabric to smooth the garment. Finally, you allow it to dry before you wear it.

Using Steam from a Hot Shower

It can take around 10 to 20 minutes to remove the wrinkles from your clothes when you hang them in your bathroom while you shower. The steam produced from the hot shower can straighten out creases and wrinkles. How to iron without an ironing board is fast and easy with this technique. This is great if you do not have much time to prepare when going out.

Using a Hair Straightener

A hair straightener is a great tool for straightening out small areas and edges in clothing, such as collars, cuffs, and hems. You simply lay your clothing on a surface or hang it using a hanger. Then, you use your hair straightener and gently slide it over the wrinkled part. You need to make sure that your hair straightener is clean by wiping it to avoid staining the fabric. Hair straighteners generally do not have different heat settings so this method is best for natural fibers such as cotton that can take higher heat settings. Proceed with caution!

Conclusion – How to Iron Without an Ironing Board

Now you know 14 easy ways of how to iron without an ironing board. Even though an ironing board is important in ironing, you can still get by without it if a need for it arises. The key is to find a flat surface to lay your fabric on. You have to remember to protect the surface by placing towels and a plastic sheet underneath. You also need to make sure that the area you are ironing on is clean. Being creative also works when you don`t have an ironing board. You can use spray, steam, or water for a quick iron fix.

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