How to "Force" a Girl to Like You – Within Seconds

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Here’s a fact about seducing women that is large overlooked – it’s often just a matter of SECONDS before they decide that they like you or not. So, if you want to make a girl like you, you gotta work your magic within seconds! Read on to discover the ‘brute force’ tactics to make a girl like you…within seconds.

How To “Force” A Girl To Like You – Within Seconds

Method Number One – “Ignore Her”. Weird technique, but it works like a charm. You just shouldn’t show too much interest in her in the first place. You see – women have a defense mechanism that immediately goes up if you hit on them hard. So, appear disinterested and they might just do the chasing instead.

Method Number Two – “Insult Her”. I am not asking you to tell her that her breasts are too small or that her buck tooth ruins her face. Instead, deliver a ‘mild’ insult (for example, “are those nails real?”) so that she feels mildly peeved. Here’s a case study for you – I have used a mild insult on a girl I met at the bar last weekend – I had told her that her shoes looked smudged. She got a little annoyed, but her interest was piqued.

Method Number Three – “Hypnotize Her”. Hypnosis is the ultimate secret weapon of men who are bent to seduce women in a matter of seconds. One such technique, called ‘fractionation’, is reputed to be able to make a woman want to sleep with a man in as little as 15 minutes. It involves bringing the woman through an emotional roller coaster and ‘anchoring’ her happiness to him. As a result, she is made to be vulnerable and emotionally dependent on the man. Amazingly effective, and highly controversial!

write by Cleopatra

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