How to Dress to Look Slimmer and Taller

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Some people are blessed with a ‘petite’ body shape yet others see it as ‘being short’ and find it more of a curse, particularly when shopping for clothes.

Wearing the wrong clothing styles and shapes has the effect of making the vertically challenged among us look even shorter, or gives the illusion of being stumpy or stocky.

Choosing the right attire, however, has the reverse effect having you looking slimmer and taller.

Dressing to look taller is relatively easy.

Rule 1: Wear tighter fitting clothing. I don’t mean clothing that is too small; I mean clothing that is not baggy. Baggy clothes add to the illusion of stubbiness, whereas clothing that is more fitted will emphasise lines and give you a slimmer appearance.

Despite how much you may despise them, skinny jeans can also draw your body shape in and have you looking taller. These work best for those with slender legs, whereas boot leg jeans are great for those with more muscular legs. Give the skinny jeans a go, though and feel the difference.

Rule 2: Create a vertical line. This can be done by wearing v-necks tops, vertical stripes and dressing your top and bottom in similar colours. If you prefer a different coloured top, match your shoes to your pants, creating an elongated vertical line and the illusion of height.

Rule 3: Dress in darker colours, such as navy blue, black, bistre, chocolate browns and bottle green. Not only do they create a slimming effect, as we all know, but also offer a heightening effect. This works well for point 3, too. If you’re layering, which also helps create a taller appearance, top it off with a dark-coloured, v-necked top, dark pants or skirt and black or navy blue shoes.

Rule 4: Choose the length of your pants/skirts wisely. Crop pants and cargo shorts make shorter people look shorter and chunkier, as they draw the eye to the wider parts of the leg and ‘cut off’ your height. Shorts and skirts ending just above or just below the knee add length, as do longer skirts.

Rule 5: Wear heels. You don’t need to go too high; mid-height heels add height, whereas flats, like the currently fashionable ballet flats, not only have you looking shorter, but also chunkier.

That’s it. You can look taller applying these five easy rules to your day when you get dressed each morning.

write by Cruz Ortega

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