History of Women’s Shoes For the Golf Course

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It was the year 1940 when women’s shoes were introduced in America by FootJoy. During those times the shoes looked like men’s shoes and the women weren’t over all too excited about wearing them. But they still wore them because they had no other choice. Compared to 1940, the women’s shoes found in the market are more feminine to look at. Women of today are lucky that they have their own line of women’s shoes to choose from rather than trying to fit in shoes that were made for men but just labeled as women’s shoes to meet the demand existing at that time.

The evolution of women’s shoes has come into an existence at a very rapid pace because a lot of women have stepped onto the golf course lately. Today the overall demand existing for shoes is around 5.76 million. Imagine such a large amount of ladies asking for high quality, comfortable and reliable pair of shoes. Another reason why there is such a huge demand for them is because the women who were on the golf course started complaining loudly that they did not like to walk in the leather golf shoes having metal spikes on them. They considered them to be very uncomfortable causing there delicate feet to itch. Today these shoes are available in rubber soles having unique leather uppers and the spikes are made out of plastic nubs. 1970 was the year in which women’s shoes having rubber soles were introduced for the first time. Etonic in 1980 designed leather women’s shoes that were water proof, they were a major hit in the market.

As years have passed more and more brands have come upfront and developed many unique styled shoes. Some of the popular designer brands launching innovative women’s golf shoes are Adidas, Sandbaggers and Nike. Sandbaggers line of women’s shoes were started by Joan Villani, she being a golfer herself very well understood the needs of a women on the golf ground. She made it an aim to take out women golf shoes that are comfortable. After a lot of hard work she designed Kiltie which was an instant hit. Today Sandbaggers is the first choice of the women looking for comfortable women’s golf shoes.

The next best brand in the market is Adidas women golf shoes. The variety in Adidas is endless they offer a lot of designs from the basic looking women’s golf shoes to stylish shoes. The cost of their shoes ranges $40 to $ 70.

The third brand in line is none other than Nike. Nike’s popular women’s golf shoes are SP-5 and SP LS. Both these product lines come in a variety of colors, giving the ladies a lot of choice to choose from. Their another popular design is the Verdana Blucher II Saddle golf shoe which is famous for the extreme comfort it gives to the ladies feet.

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