Have a Healthy Breakfast!

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It is proven that kids who eat a proper breakfast have healthier diets and achieve better in school than kids who don’t. Eating breakfast will help achieve proper body development and maximise academic performance as well. Breakfast time can often be hectic and stressful. Even if you want to just to skip breakfast, you should not! Just follow these eight tips for a simple morning routine the whole family should follow.

1. Finish all homework and pack all school bags the night before.

2. Decide or organise on what your kids will wear the next day, including all shoes and socks.

3. Set your alarm clock or wake up 15 minutes earlier.

4. Don’t turn on the television in the morning, or at least wait until the kids leave for school.

5. Provide healthy food for breakfast, such as muesli and fruit. You can also shop with your kids at the supermarket and discuss all options, including their preferences.

6. Set up the cereal the night before. You can fill zip-bags with good portions, just add milk the following morning.

7. Most breakfast foods can be cooked with the microwave, make sure the food is good for your kids, and keep an eye out for them as well.

8. Give your kids a mess-free fruit or snack in the car or on the way to school, including a banana or apple.

As you have often heard, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Use this time to make sure you will get the best for your body with healthy alternatives, such as bagels with low-fat spread, oats (porridge), multigrain toast and much more. If you’re more of a bacon and eggs or sugar-coated cereal fan, that’s fine too, but in moderation! Also: soda, last night’s leftovers, energy drinks and snacks like potato chips are a BIG no-no. You’ll have time for those later in the day, even though you should cut down on those kinds of food anyway.

So the next time you have no time for breakfast, just remember you are missing out on giving yourself a good boost for the rest of the day. Just follow the simple tips above and you will find that there is time for some breakfast!

write by Mital Patel

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