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Integration process involves the combining of fashionable products knowledge, meaning and beliefs to finally evaluate two or more alternatives in the consideration set. The analysis of integration process concerns different types of decision rules that consumers use to choose from purchase alternative in the consideration set.

Sometimes Gucci consumers use formal decision rules and get involved in examining and comparing specific brand attributes and consequences. This is a deliberate attempt at evaluation of alternatives. Different attributes of Gucci belts, Gucci shoes, and Gucci sneakers are compared on some preferred criteria to eliminate brands that do not measure up.

While using the Gucci products or services online particularly during a trial purchase online, there are certain expectation fashionable consumers have of the product and they evaluate its performance in the light of their expectations. As result of this evaluation, consumers are either satisfied or dissatisfied with the product or service. The feeling may be either neutral or just of satisfaction if the performance simply matches the standard.

If performance exceeds the standard, it causes what is known as positive disconfirmation, leading to at least satisfaction or sometimes delights. Consumer dissatisfaction results due to negative disconfirmation because the product performs below expected standards. There seems to be a significant relationship between expectations and satisfaction. The importance of post-purchase evaluation is that it will influence the likelihood of a repeat purchase of the product and services.

Another important function of post-purchase evaluation for fashionable products is the reduction of uncertainty that consumer might have about their choice. In case they are satisfied they reassure themselves that their choice was a wise one. Post purchase psychological tension about the buying behavior for the Gucci products and services. During the purchase decision process, at some point the consumer stops any further evaluation of information and develops a predisposition to purchase of brand.

Once a consumer has reached the purchase decision, she/he makes additional decision such as when to buy and how much to spend. This decision may lead to sometime between purchase decision and actual purchase. This is particularly more so in the case of high-involvement purchases such as fashionable Gucci bags, Gucci belts, Gucci sneakers and other high priced or ego intensive items. The intention and actual purchased for low-involvement purchases may be quit short compared to high-involvement purchase situations.

Two basic approaches to describe learning include behavioral learning theories and the cognitive learning theory. Classical conditioning assumes that learning process is associative and there is a relationship between a stimulus and response. Instrumental conditioning views the individual as an active participation in the learning process by acting on some aspect of the environment.

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