Green Skinny Jeans – Enjoy the Colorful Fashion Trends of Spring

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Spring is a season of love, colors, birth and flowers. It is the best season for people who are in love with nature because natural beauty is at its peak during this time. It is as if the nature is smiling at man and communicating in the language of colors. There are different fashion trends followed during the winters and the summers, based on the requirements and needs of the women. In the same way, there are also peculiar fashion trends for the spring time.

Below are some of the tips you can follow if you wish to look chic and trendy in the colorful season of spring:

Colors of Spring Time

Spring is a season of freshness and youth, so no matter what your age is, try to wear bright colors and strictly avoid dark and dull colors. Having flowers everywhere around you, it is always better to completely blend yourself into your environment and surroundings, so pick the colors of the flowers; like red, purple, yellow and green. The fresh look of the surroundings will well complement your fresh and pretty look and style.

Clothes during the Season of spring

Wear light fabric in light and bright colors. You can go for skirts such as pencil and mini skirts. It is also a good choice to wear green skinny jeans. Green always looks refreshing and trendy during the spring time.

Shoes during the Spring Season

Open shoes and sandals such as the ones with floral cutouts or toe-peep styles will look great. Sandals with straps are also largely preferred by women during this season as they give a fresh look. Flat shoes with floral prints and designs or embellishments such as fabric roses and flowers would surely add a perfect touch to your entire look. Wide leg trousers in light colors and fabrics will also look elegant and decent.


Go for large handbags with floral prints. If you are used to wear bandanas, wear floral prints or bright colored prints. For jewelry, the best choice is to look elegant and simple with floral jewelry. Large framed sunshades in frames of different colors such as red and yellow would complement the spring season and would also look tremendously stylish.

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