Gothic Bride Costume – 5 Must Have Accessories

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A Gothic bride costume is certainly one of the most intriguing choices for a costume. It has a unique charm that you cannot find with any other costume. When scary is the name of the game, it will not let you down either. While the costume is good by itself, adding a few more accessories will not hurt. When doing your Halloween shopping, don’t forget to add the following:

Dead Flower Bouquet

Every bride must carry a bouquet and this case is no exception. Of course a bunch of red roses simply does not cut it for a Gothic bride. A dead flower bouquet would be a better choice to go with this costume. This accessory is an interesting addition to the costume which never fails to keep up with the overall theme.

The bouquet comes with six black roses complete with a black ribbon and bow. The roses can be arranged in any way you want for a custom look. Skull charms in each rose will suit any Goth bride who carries them around.

Women’s Goth Boots

Wearing a wedding dress usually means wearing matching dress shoes but not for a Goth bride. Attitude is what a Goth bride needs and Goth boots will certainly provide in this area. These boots can even double as everyday wear which make them that much more useful.

These boots come in black with leather straps and adjustable buckles for a nice and secure fit. These buckles run up the boots on its side which also makes it look a lot more authentic. Laces are included in the boots as well.

Black Fishnet Fingerless Gloves

Another ideal accessory for your Gothic bride costume is a pair of fingerless gloves. A pair of black gloves is ideal for completing the Gothic look you are going for. Although it may not look like it, these are actually comfortable to wear thanks to its clever design and materials.

The material used to make these gloves is stretch nylon which allows maximum comfort. This is also washable which makes it suitable for both your costume and for everyday use.

Corpse Bride Wig

Coming straight out of Tim Burton’s animated flick, the Corpse Bride wig is a must-have accessory for your Goth costume. This accessory is a licensed product which means you are getting the real thing. It is certainly an interesting addition to any Goth-themed costume. The wig features thick blue strands with black accents. It has bangs tied off to the side as well. For a comfortable and secure fit, a mesh cap is fitted inside the wig.

Coffin Handbag Purse

Keeping up with the Gothic and underworld theme is this handbag accessory in the shape of a coffin. This interesting piece is a clutch bag adorned with black and grey accents which looks worn. Still, it is a practical addition which zips on the side to reveal a spacious compartment. Black velvet on the handle makes this a stylish accessory for your Gothic bride costume as well. This means you can use it out on the streets as well.

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