Girlfriend Christmas Gift Ideas for The Clueless Man

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As if Christmas shopping wasn’t bad enough to try and pick gifts for your friends and family, it becomes double the trouble if you have a girlfriend to buy for. Not only do the gifts you buy show how well you know her, your girlfriend is also looking at them from a “how much he loves me” angle. However, with just a little research and more than a little guile, you can buy your girlfriend the Christmas gifts that will keep you safe for another year at least!

Homedics Luxury Foot Bubbler

One of the things that many women complain about is how their shoes are killing them, and girlfriends are no different. That’s why this luxury foot spa will delight and pamper her all at the same time. With a foot massager and heat control at your fingertips, this is a great Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend, and it’s only $25.

Raindrop Therapy treatment

If the foot spa isn’t luxurious enough for the special girl in your life, then how about this uniquely different treat? Using a combination of soothing oils and reflexology, a trained Raindrop Therapist slowly drops the oils onto target areas on your girlfriend’s skin, and finishes off with a reflexology massage for the ultimate in pampering. A truly special Christmas gift, it’s only $65 for a half hour treatment, and the results last for up to a week.

Your Own Romance Novel

Now this will REALLY surprise her. If your girlfriend reads a lot of romantic books, this Christmas gift idea lets her be the heroine in a book that you’ve “written”, thanks to You simply fill in some personal details, choose a theme for your book, and that’s it. Your book will be compiled using a pre-set plot and sent to you for as little as $34.95 plus shipping.

Her Own Designer Fragrance

We all know how important the right perfume is to our girlfriends, and more likely than not we’ve also bought her the wrong scent before. However, one thing she won’t have is her own personal fragrance – until now. By filling in some details about your girlfriend’s personality, FragranceForYou will design a fragrance tailored to your girlfriend, and with prices ranging from $17.00 to $79.20 including a free silk gift bag, this is one Christmas gift she won’t forget in a hurry.


One of the simplest gift ideas a guy can buy his girlfriend is lingerie – after all, it’s something she wears regularly, so you should have an idea of what she already likes. Just make sure you get the right size though, especially of you want to see her in whatever you buy!

Working Girl’s Survival Kit

If your girlfriend is constantly complaining about how stressful her job is, get her one of these handy gifts for her this Christmas. For only $42.99, you get an attaché case complete with everything a girl needs, from lip balm to emery board, clear nail polish to interior mirror and so much more. Seriously, buy this for her and she won’t be able to thank you enough!

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