Girl Dress Patterns for Special Occasions

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Party time deserves a really smart new girl dress pattern for special occasions. Girls just love to dress up for a party. Boys may be a bit more reluctant, but with a few accessories, a simple pair of jeans and a shirt with a bow tie can make the difference. Looking smart for a special occasion is often about the photographs, so if the outfit lasts long enough for a memorable picture, then dressing your child in something special for the party was worth the extra time and effort.

Girl Dress Patterns for Special OccasionsPinGirl Dress Patterns for Special Occasions


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Girl Dress Patterns for Special Occasions

Most girls love to dress up and Treasurie patterns have many delightful ideas to provide just the right outfit for a party or special occasion. 

Tulle Dresses

It is amazing how that little addition of tulle sets the tone for a party dress. Some of the patterns, like the Jasmine dress and the Tutu dress, come with tulle overlay options and fit the bill of party dress. 


Other girl dress patterns for special occasions can easily be turned into party dresses.  A few simple additions or the purchasing special fabric for the occasion can turn even a simple dress pattern into a party dress.


Tulle overlays can be also added to winter dresses such as the Willow dress pattern. This dress is designed to be sewn in comfortable stretch fabric and can be made in a cozy sweatshirt fleece. Wear it with leggings for extra warmth.

PinWillow Dress Pattern

Add Bows and Lace

The addition of trims, lace, embroidery Anglaise, and layers of tulle all add to the excitement of sewing a party dress. Create a new look with the addition of pretty buttons, bows and decorative pockets or inserts using existing panels as well as trimming sleeves.

Consider these options using the regular Treasurie patterns.

The Becky pattern has a ‘two skirt’ option for an extra decorative look.  The bow yolk effect can be enhanced with a layer of lace or contrast fabric.

The Carrie pattern is a delightful party dress.  Circular skirts are made to twirl and dance around at the party.  An added layer of lace to the skirt will always give a party dress look.

Riley DressRiley DressPinRiley Dress PatternSummer Dress PatternSummer Dress PatternPinSummer Dress PatternBecky DressBecky DressPinBecky Dress Patterngirls dress patterngirls dress patternPinTiffany Dress PatternGirls Dress PatternGirls Dress PatternPinJasmine Dresstutu dress patterntutu dress patternPinTutu Peasant Dress Patternstretch dress sewing patternstretch dress sewing patternPinElke Girls Dress Pattern

Take any of the lovely patterns and add a frill to the sleeves or a ruffle to the front.  Big bows and wide sashes are also great additions to a party dress.


Accessories for Special Occasions

Accessorise with pretty headbands and garden hats. Choose more expensive or sparkly fabrics and your Cinderella will always be ready for the ball.

PinHat Pattern and Headband Pattern

Embellishing Girl Dresses for Special Occasions

Sometimes it is more about the embellishment on girl dress patterns for special occasions than the actual patterns. Here are some ideas to decorate and embellish your patterns.

Big Bows

I have a big bow tutorial you can use to decorate any dress to make it suitable for a special occasion. Sew it on the front or should of any dress to enhance a contrast fabric.


A bit of sparkle always says party time. Learn how to glue or sew rhinestones.


Sequins can be hand sewn or purchased in strips that can be sewn with your sewing machine. Learn how to hand sew sequins or how to sew sequin trim.


Hand embroidery can personalize a party dress as you add flowers, leaves or monograms.

how to sew sequin trimhow to sew sequin trimPinSequin Trimhow to attach rhinestoneshow to attach rhinestonesPinRhinestonesembroidery basicsembroidery basicsPinEmbroidery BasicsPinBows

What about Boys?

Party clothes for boys may be more challenging.  However, a special occasion like a wedding or family photography session would call for some smartening up to fit the event.  Boys may just need a trendy waistcoat or the addition of a bow tie. A simple creative touch to clothes already in the wardrobe. 


Picture smart jeans or cargo pants teamed up with a clean shirt and a bow tie.  These items may just last for the family portrait! 

Girl Dress Patterns for Special Occasions – In Conclusion

Party clothes play a part in raising awesome kids and getting them to appreciate special occasions, even if it is just tea with grandparents or a family event needing the smarter outfit. 

Sewing party clothes can be rewarding, especially as your child will be on show for a brief moment on that day.  There are many special occasions, not just birthday parties that may warrant party clothes, so go ahead and create something special by adapting old favorites or using new sewing patterns. 

Winnie the Pooh, and his friends, loved to have a party.  They said…

“We didn’t realise we were making memories.  We just thought we were having fun.”

This is the essence of sewing girl dress patterns for special occasions.  An opportunity to have fun and make memories.

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