Gifts for Sewers – Best Ideas & Gift Guide 2022

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I have broken my Christmas ideas for gifts for sewers list into big stuff and small stuff so there is something here for all budgets. What useful little goodies would you like to see in your Christmas stocking this year?  Here’s a list of eighteen little treasures that could just add some ‘zippidy do dah,’ to any sewing room. It won’t matter who has been naughty or nice!

gifts for sewersPinGifts for Sewers


Gifts for Sewers – THE BIG STUFFGifts for Sewers #1 – Embroidery MachinesGifts for Sewers #2 – Quilting MachinesGift for Sewers #3 – Basic MachinesGifts for Sewers #4 – Sergers Gifts for Sewers – THE SMALL STUFFGifts for Sewers #5 – Art bins and StorageGifts for Sewers #6 – Quilters RulersGifts for Sewers #7 – Rotary Cutters and MatsGifts for Sewers #8 – ScissorsGifts for Sewers #9 – Embellishing ToolsGifts for Sewers #10 – Hand StitchingGifts for Sewers #11 – BooksGifts for Sewers #12 – Sewing Merchandise Gifts for Sewers #13 – Sewing BasketsGifts for Sewers #14 – Fabric Gifts for Sewers #15 – Pin CushionsGifts for Sewers #16: Feet KitsGifts for Sewers #17 – Spool RacksGifts for Sewers #18 – Dressmaker DummyGifts for Sewers – In Conclusion

Gifts for Sewers – THE BIG STUFF

Here is a gifts for sewers wish list for big items like sewing machines and sergers. What wish list would be complete without your dream sewing machine? Whether you love quilting, embroidery, or just simplified straight sewing, we all have a new machine on our wish list. Here are a few of my favorite larger gifts for sewers:

Gifts for Sewers #1 – Embroidery Machines

Embroidery machines have the added bonus of being able to embroider fancy designs in hoops. You can create your own designs or choose from extensive libraries. These machines will also do everyday sewing so your favorite sewer will have all their needs met.

Gifts for Sewers #2 – Quilting Machines

Quilting machines have extra-large bases so you can fit larger quilts with ease. They are generally strong and many have a lot of extra stitches and functions. Quilting is an enjoyable hobby for anyone that sews and these machines will make your sewing life much easier.

Gift for Sewers #3 – Basic Machines

Sometimes you just need a basic machine without all the bells and whistles, especially if you are just starting out. The Singer heavy-duty machines are my favorite with their metal internal bodies. While computerized functions are nice to have, most people rarely use all the fancy stitches they provide. As long as your machine can do a nice straight stitch and a zig-zag, you can sew 99% off all sewing projects. If you are buying for someone who is wanted to start to sew then these are ideal.

Gifts for Sewers #4 – Sergers

But what if the person already has a sewing machine? Well, do they have a serger? If you turn any store-bought garment inside out, you will see that the seams are finished with loopy looking stitches called overlocking. This prevents the edges from fraying and gives a professional look to any sewing project.

If you are not sure what a serger does, read my article on sewing machine vs serger vs coverstitch.

Gifts for Sewers – THE SMALL STUFF

Whether you would like to organize your precious sewing machine better or are just looking for great tools to make sewing easier, here is a great list of Christmas gifts for sewers.

Gifts for Sewers #5 – Art bins and Storage

All sewers need endless storage for trims and supplies like threads, bias tape, fabric swatches, lace, beads, buttons. The list is endless! A well-organized sewing room makes a sewer feel amazing and makes it easier to maximize their precious sewing time.

Gifts for Sewers #6 – Quilters Rulers

Fancy rulers can measure squares and are useful for quilting and other crafts. They can also be used with rotary cutters for small sewing projects. Read more about rules in my article on quilting tools.

Gifts for Sewers #7 – Rotary Cutters and Mats

Rotary cutters look a little like a pizza cutter and are designed for cutting straight edges which are useful for quilting and small sewing projects. They are used in conjunction with a self-healing mat and quilting ruler and can really speed up cutting time and add accuracy to your cuts. Cutters are ideal for cutting thicker material, batting, foam and multiple layers of fabric.

If you are buying for someone that wants to start quilting then this would be a great gifts for sewers idea.

Fiskars and Olfa are the 2 best-known brands in this area. If you are buying a rotary cutter as a gift, don`t forget to add some extra blades to your shopping cart.

Self-healing cutting mats mean the cutting surface lasts longer and your precious table won`t get marked. They normally have an easy to read measured grid with 30-degree, 45-degree and 60-degree lines. Cutting mats come in different sizes and can be rectangular or square.

Gifts for Sewers #8 – Scissors

While scissors may not seem like the most exciting of gift ideas for sewers, they will certainly be appreciated. A good pair of sewing scissors make cutting easier and faster. Just resist the temptation to steal them as they belong in the sewing room!

Titanium coated scissors resist scratching and corrosion and soft-grip handles are superior for offering comfort for multipurpose cutting.

Gifts for Sewers #9 – Embellishing Tools

Many sewing projects can be embellished with rhinestones and studs making them fun, creative and individual. If your sewing friend loves a bit of bling then these tools will bring a sparkle to their day.

Gifts for Sewers #10 – Hand Stitching

Even if the person you are shopping for mainly uses a sewing machine, hand embroidery is a wonderful way to embellish sewing projects.

Get started with a pack of assorted colored embroidery floss or embroidery books showing you all the stitches.

Gifts for Sewers #11 – Books

I think this is an important category in gifts for sewers. All crafters and sewers like books to expand their skills and ignite their imaginations.

Think a little outside the box. There is such a lot of free information online on how to sew that I prefer books on related topics like fashion design, or couture techniques. Many sewers like to plan what they will sew so fashion drawing books are also great for teaching how to get your ideas down on paper.

Gifts for Sewers #12 – Sewing Merchandise

Gifts for sewers don`t` just have to be actual sewing items. What about sewing t-shirts and mugs? I personally love mugs with slogans and am sitting here sipping coffee from a cute mug my daughter gave me as a present. Mugs get used every day and are a great source of inspiration and fun. Every time they use their mug they will think of you!

Gifts for Sewers #13 – Sewing Baskets

Sewing baskets are a way to store smaller sewing items such as pincushions, seam rippers and scissors. Choose one with a pretty fabric outside in a print that will match the sewers sewing room. I think the green one below is especially pretty.

Gifts for Sewers #14 – Fabric

Jelly rolls and fat quarter bundles are just fancy names for smaller offcuts of fabric that can be used for quilting and small sewing projects. They are usually presented in complementary colors and patterns so they can be easily mixed and matched. Any sewer would be over the moon to receive fabric as a gift.

Gifts for Sewers #15 – Pin Cushions

All sewers need pincushions but they don`t need to be ugly and utilitarian. Look at these pretty pincushions you can add to your favorite sewers kit. These are great gifts for sewers when you are on a budget.

Gifts for Sewers #16: Feet Kits

Sewing machine feet kits allow a sewer to sew faster and more efficiently as they will have a variety of tools to choose from. Just check in the description that the kit is compatible with your sewer`s make of machine. Most of these generic brand kits fit all kinds of machines.

Gifts for Sewers #17 – Spool Racks

What is a spool rack you might be asking? Well, these are usually wooden and have numerous pegs on which your sewer can arrange their threads. They look really pretty in sewing rooms and will stop threads from tangling. This is another great idea if you have a smaller budget to stick to or are looking for a stocking filler.

Gifts for Sewers #18 – Dressmaker Dummy

If you are buying for someone who likes to sew for themselves, then a dressmaker dummy is a great gift idea. They come in adjustable versions including plus sizes and also fixed-sized torsos with lovely printed fabrics that look amazing in any sewing room.

Gifts for Sewers – In Conclusion

There you have it! A gifts for sewers list to help you shop stress-free this year. Make some notes and be sure to post them to Santa soon!

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