Getting Your Ex Back – Take a Step Back and Put Yourself in Your Ex’s Shoes For a Minute

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At one point in our lives we are all faced with the hardest part of dating. That part is the break up, and no one wants to go through the pain that a break up can cause. Unfortunately, we all deal with it at least once in our lives and depending on the relationship itself, you may not even fully realize what you did to cause the breakup. Without being able to see the situation from someone else’s point of view, we would never be able to go on with our lives because we would always be stuck on trying to figure out what went wrong.

Whether or not you were the one to do the breaking up, it is almost guaranteed that both you and your partner are going through the same amount of pain. While it may not be the same pain, you will both be crushed by the ending of your relationship.

If you can step into the other person’s shoes, it will make it easier to understand where their pain is coming from. You will be able to put yourself on the other side of the break up to know just what they are feeling.

After you understand why they are so hurt, you should let them know. If you don’t tell them you understand than they will go on being mad or upset, and wondering why you don’t get it. Telling them that you do get it will ease their mind and can allow them to calm down a little more. By doing this, you are making it possible to talk to each other without getting into a fight or breaking down and begging them to take you back. Instead, you will be able to get everything out in the open.

Once you get everything out in the open, you need to give them space. Telling them you know why it happened won’t make a difference if you don’t give them time to get over the problems they have been having. You are going to need to leave them be, and carry on with your life as if everything were normal.

Spending time doing things you enjoy doing, and getting out and having fun can make you feel better. However, there is a bigger advantage to it than you think. While you will be feeling better about yourself, your ex will want to know how you are so OK with the breakup and may even want to try to get you to get back together with them.

write by Anthea

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