Funny Excuses For Being Late On Your First Date

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Dating can be an extremely fragile and fiddly business. If you are too assertive or self-confident, you might send your dating partner running towards the other direction. If you’re too shy and reserved, you might put your partner into a long, deep slumber. While there are countless huge as well as minute details you have to consider in impressing your potential one, true love, there is only one thing you can do that that can cut short your budding relationship: Show up late on your first date. Whether you have a pretty good reason for your tardiness or being non-punctual is just your habitual nature, you will always need to find an excellent excuse that’ll keep your date cool in spite of the long hours of waiting.

So what could be some funny alibis you can use to lighten up the scene? Here are some of them.

1. Am I late? Really? I thought I was an hour early! (Nothing spells an honest mistake like this statement right here.)

2. You should have told me to be here on time! (In this fast-paced world, somebody’s got to remind you of punctuality, right?)

3. I was late because my dad was punishing my younger brother and he was using my shoes to beat him. (Well, what can we say? Shoes were really made both for walking AND beating, weren’t they? So, give your dating partner a break and accept that excuse!)

4. I was right on time to meet you when I saw a fire truck coming my way… And I just had to make sure that it wasn’t my house that was on fire, so I went back. (Because it is always better to be sure than sorry.)

5. It is all about oil prices. I drove slowly so as to get the best bang out of every penny I spent on gas. (This goes to show that you truly are a man of utmost value!)

6. It’s all the President’s fault. (After all, that is what we have been hearing for the last 10 years from people, whether it’s about real estate, cash, unemployment, bad economy or singles not being able to find dates. Poor Mr. President.)

7. I think you watch is too fast. Let me buy you a nice and slow watch so that we’re on the same time. (Compatibility is key in every relationship, and watches are no exception!)

8. My left turn signal was not working in my car so I had to make all the right turns to get here. (Lucky you, you ended up at the right place!)

9. I lost the way and was in doubt on how to get here. So I kept on taking the right turns. You know, when in doubt, take right because right is always right. (Needless to say, that’s tip might just be right in every respect since you arrived in the right place with the right person, just not the right time.)

10. Actually, in Australia, I am right on time. You, however, are too early for the date. (There’s no other way to crack someone up but by passing the blame.)

11. A cat crossed my path, and one cat crossing is not a good omen. So I had to wait for 2 hours until another cat came and evened it out. (Show your suspicious side and you might just mystify your date!)

12. I fell asleep in the shower. That usually happens when you take shower after weeks. (Ah, hygiene… Such a good way to start an unforgettable conversation!)

13. I was waiting for my hair gel to dry up. (Show your partner how much you’ve prepared for this date and you might just send him or her gushing and blushing.

14. I met all the red lights on my way here. Something went seriously wrong with the traffic system today. (Unfortunately, you were in the middle of it all. Let’s hope your date will give you a one big hug after all you’ve been through today!)

15. I arrived two hours back but couldn’t find free parking. So I went back home and came here running to save gas and parking fee. (Unless, there really is some truth to that statement and your questionable mental capacity, this statement could give your date one, hearty laugh.)

According to Franklin P. Jones, the trouble with being punctual is that nobody’s there to appreciate it. But keep in mind that if you are a true lady or a real gentleman, you shouldn’t be keeping your dating partner waiting. However, if the inevitable happens and you still end up late on your first date, you must cook up one wild excuse that will send your partner rolling in laughter rather than beating the living daylights out of you. After all, the dating game is all about creating good impressions and making him or her laugh can truly make up for your initial lapse.

write by Orla

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