Free Heart Quilt Patterns – 15 of the Best

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Make a show of your love through your craft by trying out these free heart quilt patterns. You can never make enough reminders to tell the people you love that you love them. If they enjoy your displays of affection just as much as you enjoy putting thought and effort into those gestures, then you are in for a fun time. You can try out these patterns to make the next Valentine`s Day extra special or just any day to show your loved ones how much you care for them.

Heart Quilt PatternsPinHeart Quilt Patterns


Free Heart Quilt Patterns#1 Stitches from the Heart Quilt#2 I Heart You Quilt#3 The Simple Hearts Quilt#4 Easy Scrappy Heart Quilt Block#5 The Sweet Tweet Quilt#6 Pixelated Heart Quilt#7 4-Patch Heart Mini Quilt#8 Hearts a Flutter Quilt#9 Hello Love Quilt#10 Heart Quilt Block#11 The String Heart Quilt Block#12 Scrappy Heart Quilt Block#13 The Sweetheart Quilt#14 The Romance Quilt Block#15 Be Good to Your Heart QuiltFree Heart Quilt Patterns – In Conclusion

Free Heart Quilt Patterns

Go all out with these super cheesy and extra special free heart quilt patterns. From quilts featuring multiple small hearts to those with one giant hearty fellah, these patterns have it all. Most of these heart quilt blocks are aesthetically pleasing yet fairly easy to sew and just as adaptable. You can make easily turn the quilt blocks into full quilt projects whether you`re a beginner or an experienced quilter. With a careful choice of fabric, you can make these quilts a year-round thing just like your love.

Heart Quilt BlocksHeart Quilt BlocksPin

Learn how to make heart quilt blocks

Heart Quilt Blocks

#1 Stitches from the Heart Quilt

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from The Jolly Jabber live from The Fat Quarter Shop

What a gorgeous and simple-looking design! Make someone see your heartfelt emotions by stitching up your feelings in the form of this lovely quilt. The Stitches from the Heart quilt features a sweetheart design that is so on point for presenting to your sweetheart. It is a great choice for quilters of all skill levels. It is available in two finished sizes as a 12-inch mini quilt and a 35-inch square. 

Patterns from The Jolly Jabber live from The Fat Quarter Shop

#2 I Heart You Quilt

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from Sulky of America

Make this lovely quilt for your special one and put a goofy grin on their face. You can use this as a picnic cloth or your tabletop cover while you enjoy a hearty date meal. Your date will notice your attention to detail and all the extra effort you have put in. That is always a plus. Once done making this quilt, take out your best date-night dress and be ready to conquer the day.

Patterns from Sulky of America

#3 The Simple Hearts Quilt

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from Cluck Cluck Sew

The Simple Hearts Quilt is a winner with its simple yet eye-catching design. If you want to reproduce this quilt with the same dimensions, you will have to make 25 heart blocks. Simply follow the quilting instructions provided in the free Heart Block pattern printout for making those 6″ blocks. However, if you want to make this quilt in a different size, you can easily upsize or downsize it.  Just add more blocks to each column or add more columns. You can also reduce the blocks in each column or the number of columns and get the perfect size that you want.

Patterns from Cluck Cluck Sew

#4 Easy Scrappy Heart Quilt Block

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Make this super easy Scrappy Heart Quilt Block which is a total treat to look at. This quilt block pattern features two different-sized hearts that are made entirely with 2.5 and 3-inch fabric squares. If you have been on the search for the perfect scrap-busting project, then you’ve finally found it. This is THE one! Not only is it a sustainable project, but it’s also fun and easy. It is an interesting and learning choice for a beginner and a playful project for a seasoned quilter. These cute quilt blocks can be used to make a full-sized quilt or used on their own in tote bags, pillows, and even as wall hangings.

Patterns from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

#5 The Sweet Tweet Quilt

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from Quilters Newsletter

What a sweet, quilted piece! If you want to make something heartwarming for your special one, but don’t want it to be too cheesy or conventional, this little birdie will help you deliver your message subtly and sweetly. You will need to use some pretty scraps to make this Valentine’s Day/date night special for your bae. Use this charming design and fusible applique techniques to put together this ‘bluebird and heart’ design and let the little birdie tweet what’s in your heart.

Patterns from Quilters Newsletter

#6 Pixelated Heart Quilt

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from Blue Elephant Stitches

This sweet, pixelated heart design is a stunning and modern rendition of the traditional quilt patterns. This would make such a gorgeous wall hanging for a young girl who loves owning pretty and bold pieces. It can also be used as a chunky cushion cover for your favorite chair and it would be the perfect pop of color and design.

Patterns from Blue Elephant Stitches

#7 4-Patch Heart Mini Quilt

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from Jedi Craft Girl

Okay, wow! Patterns like these blow your mind because these take you to a different era and feel so vintage despite being made in modern times. The 4-Patch Heart Mini Quilt is a perfect heirloom. If you can’t seem to get enough of stitching hearts and Valentine’s Day specials, then this sweet, mini quilt just might satiate your sewing lust. This mini quilt is perfect for use as a table topper or a wall hanging. If you sew this up as a gift, be ready to make the receiver really happy.

Patterns from Jedi Craft Girl

#8 Hearts a Flutter Quilt

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from Heidi Pridemore

The Hearts of a Flutter Quilt is a total charmer that would send any little girl squealing when she receives it. Use the cutest fabric prints to make the heart cut-outs and put together a delightful wall hanging for your favorite little girl. You can also use this as a lap throw. Follow the instructions in the link to make this exciting little quilt.

Patterns from Heidi Pridemore

#9 Hello Love Quilt

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from Free Spirit Fabrics

An interesting pattern for those who enjoy the attention to detail and designs that employ mixing and matching of fabric. You will need to choose your favorite contrasting colors palette for this pattern and get your hands on some pretty, printed fabric in those shades. Once you’ve stocked up on the supplies, get settled in your sewing corner and let the fun begin.  

Patterns from Free Spirit Fabrics

#10 Heart Quilt Block

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from I Sew Free

Don’t you love minimal color incorporation and the use of different shades of the same color in your sewing projects? I do! Polka dots, stripey borders, ombre-ish setting of pale pink fabric – what’s not to love about this Heart Quilt Block? Make this beauty when you have some time to spare and make a little girl very happy.

Patterns from I Sew Free

#11 The String Heart Quilt Block

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from Don`t Call Me Betsy

Conquer the hearts of your loved ones any time of the year by putting in the time and effort to stir up some amazingness in your sewing corner, exclusively for them. You don’t have to use the conventional choice of colors – pinks, violets, reds, and whites- for this HeartStrings Quilt Block instead, you can opt for different and bold color options and make a unique piece for somebody who seems the most unique to you.

Patterns from Don`t Call Me Betsy

#12 Scrappy Heart Quilt Block

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from Heather Givans

Dig through your fabric scrap bin and make a scrappy quilt so pretty that you will be rummaging for more and more pieces. The Scrappy Heart Quilt is perfect for giving a respectable and much-loved home to all the oddly shaped fabric pieces in your sewing junk. The blocks can be scrappy as can be and of as many different fabrics as you have/prefer. However, for reproducing a similar-looking scrappy quilt, you will need to find at least eight different reds and five different whites to create a yummy contrast.

Patterns from Heather Givans

#13 The Sweetheart Quilt

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from My Poppet

Stitch up some love with this gorgeous and modern-looking quilt pattern. It is a totally beginner-friendly project, that makes the perfect quilt to snuggle up within your free time. It won’t take up much time and can be made in just one day and it’s the perfect size for a baby quilt or a lap quilt. You will find it very simple to piece together and the tutorial will cater to any queries that you may have, with its in-depth instructions.

Patterns from My Poppet

#14 The Romance Quilt Block

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from Piece and Quilt

If you are obsessed with all sorts of heart designs, then here’s another one for you to start on. The Romance Quilt Block is good on its own as a tote front, a wall hanging, or even a pillow cover, or you can make a bunch of these and make a mini quilt that would look great in a baby girl’s nursery.

Patterns from Piece and Quilt

#15 Be Good to Your Heart Quilt

Pin Free Heart Quilt Patterns from Diary of a Quilter

Make a bunch of heart blocks using the same fabric in different orders, and get a lovely, finished quilt that can be used as a throw for your favorite couch. It’s a pretty pattern for making a quilt to gift to a friend of yours. Get some rosy fabric options ready to start sewing your next quilt then.

Patterns from Diary of a Quilter

Free Heart Quilt Patterns – In Conclusion

Nothing like being snuggled up together in a warm and cozy quilt, sipping something warm, and enjoying a quiet and special moment. These quilts are a good choice to snuggle under all year. You can use the quicker versions to whip up gifts for your loved ones and impress them with your crafting skills. Sweet designs like these will be cherished by them for so long.

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