Fern Stitch Embroidery – Easiest Tutorial!

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Learn how to do fern stitch! Ferns, the delicate variety of greenery that makes a bouquet of flowers soft and subtle, translates into a beautiful, delicate embroidery stitch. The fern stitch is perfect for your embroidered garden design and can be used as a border to monograms and smaller designs.

fern stitchPinFern Stitch Embroidery


Fern Stitch EmbroideryFern Stitch SuppliesFern Stitch VideoHow to do Fern Stitch EmbroideryStep 1 – Needle UpStep 2 – First StitchStep 3 – Arrow ShapeStep 4 – RepeatTips for Sewing Fern StitchWhat`s nextMore Embroidery Stitches

Fern Stitch Embroidery

Fern stitch is very easy to learn and include in your embroidery repertoire. Fern stitch is basically three straight stitches carefully placed together and then repeated to create the delicate fronds of a fern.

In simple terms, each of the three straight stitches connects to the first stitch at a common point and then follows on in a pattern that looks like three points of a star.

fern stitchfern stitchPin

Further Reading: If you are just starting to embroider, here is an article on embroidery basics.

Fern Stitch Supplies

NEEDLE – You will need a hand needle with an eye large enough to thread the embroidery floss. Crewel needles are designed for embroidery and have large elongated eyes. THREAD – Fern stitch looks best with some thickness so use stranded embroidery floss. I usually use 6 strands for my samples. HOOP – Embroidery hoops hold your fabric taut and prevent the stitches from puckering. If you only have a small hoop you can move it around.

Fern Stitch Video

My basic stitches video includes the fern stitch. Don`t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly sewing and craft videos.

How to do Fern Stitch Embroidery

Before you start it is useful to mark 3 lines in which to create your fern stitch. You can also mark the arrow pattern of the fern for perfectly even stitches.

Like many sewing techniques, there are several ways you can do the order of the stitches. This is the one I found the easiest but as you start practicing, you may find it works better in another order. I`m right-handed and so generally embroider right to left.

Step 1 – Needle Up

Knot or start your thread and bring the needle up from underneath in the center of your design. You will be starting one stitch back from the tip.

This is point 1.

Step 2 – First Stitch

Stitch with a straight stitch to the tip of the fern at 2 and bring the needle out in line with the first stitch at 3.

fern stitch step 1fern stitch step 1PinFern Stitch Embroideryfern stitch step 1fern stitch step 1PinFern Stitch Embroidery

Step 3 – Arrow Shape

Stitch a straight stitch of the same size to the left and enter the fabric at point 4 (this is the same as point 2) then exit at point 5.

Point 5 is directly underneath points 1 and 3.

fern stitch step 2fern stitch step 2PinFern Stitch Embroideryfern stitch step 2fern stitch step 2PinFern Stitch Embroidery

Now take your needle and thread and insert the needle at 6 (same point as 2 and 4) and come up at the same distance but in a new point of entry at 7.

This is the start of a new fern stitch.

fern stitch step 3fern stitch step 3PinFern Stitch Embroideryfern stitch step 3fern stitch step 3PinFern Stitch Embroidery

Step 4 – Repeat

The first part of the fern is complete, and you are ready to repeat the pattern to create new fern leaves.

fern stitch fern stitch PinFern Stitch Embroidery

Tips for Sewing Fern Stitch

Fern stitch can become a very creative part of your design. As you work your way down the stem of the fern you can be free-spirited and make the stitches bigger to give the effect of the fern growing in your embroidery garden.Use fern stitches for a wreath effect as it can twist and turn decoratively.Fern stitch could also find its way in the underwater world of fish and seascapes, as it looks like delicate seaweed.

Imagination and three simple stitches are all you need to enjoy the beauty of this stitch.

fern stitchfern stitchPinFern Stitch Embroidery – Close upfern stitchfern stitchPinFern Stitch Embroidery

What`s next

Well now you can create beautiful leaves with your fern stitch, you will need some flowers to go with them. Flowers can be simple or quite detailed. Read how to make embroidery flowers and embroidery roses.

embroidery roseembroidery rosePinEmbroidery Rosesembroidery flowersembroidery flowersPinFlowers

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