Fashion Styles: 50 Top Styles for 2022 with Photos

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With so many different fashion styles, it can be challenging to pick one that will match your personality. The kind of style you choose also depends on your location, lifestyle, taste, and budget, as well as the current season or weather. You’ll feel more comfortable and confident when you wear the right fashion style!

Fashion StylesPinFashion Styles


Types of Fashion Styles – Popular Fashion Trends1. Androgynous 2. Ankara3. Artsy or Arty Fashion Styles4. Athleisure Style5. Beach Fashion6. Biker Fashion Style7. Black Tie (Formal Fashion Style)8. Bohemian Style (Boho Chic)9. Business Casual10. Classic Fashion Styles11. Cowgirl12. E-Girl Fashion Style13. Eighties Fashion14. Emo Fashion15. Ethnic16. Chic Style17. Cottagecore Fashion Styles18. Disco 19. Exotic20. Feminine or Girly21. Festival Fashion Styles22. Flamboyant23. Garconne24. Geeky or Nerdy25. Girl Next Door26. Gothic Fashion26. Grunge Style or Alternative Rock28. Haute Couture29. Hip Hop30. Hippie Fashion (1970s)31. Kawaii32. K-Pop33. Lagenlook34. Loungewear35. Minimal Fashion Style 36. Military37. Modest 38. Mod Fashion (1960s)39. Old Hollywood40. Preppy Style41. Punk42. Resort Fashion Style43. Retro Fashion Styles44. Rock Fashion Styles45. Sexy46. Sporty47. Streetwear48. Tomboy49. Trendy50. Victorian 51. Vintage Fashion Styles52. Wild WestFashion Styles – In ConclusionDifferent Types of Fashion Styles

Types of Fashion Styles – Popular Fashion Trends

Fashion evolves time and time again, and since it’s a form of art, you can create your own style. But if you want to be more fashion-forward, learning about the most common fashion styles and how to dress up for each style is beneficial.

1. Androgynous

Androgynous fashion styles are a blend of male and female fashion. It is designed to be gender non-specific.

2. Ankara

Ankara style is influenced by West African fashion. It is considered bright with vivid patterns and can include dresses and blouses.

Androgynous and Ankara FashionAndrogynous and Ankara FashionPinAndrogynous and Ankara Fashion

3. Artsy or Arty Fashion Styles

From the name itself, the artsy fashion style embodies art, which is creativity, so it doesn’t usually conform to standards and follow any rules. Meaning, that there is a lot of experimentation in clothing and accessory colors and designs.

You can mix and match tops, bottoms, hats, scarves, bags, and other items with bright colors, colorful and/or bold designs, and elaborate prints. You can pick items with unique or weird shapes and silhouettes to slay this style. Handcrafted pieces are also great items to include in your wardrobe.

4. Athleisure Style

Athleisure is a fashion style comprising comfortable athletic clothing designed to be worn every day. It is comfortable and attractive and includes leggings, shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts, and sneakers.

Art and AthleisureArt and AthleisurePinFashion Styles – Art and Athleisure

5. Beach Fashion

Beach fashion is a style of clothing that is suitable for wearing on the beach. It often comprises swimwear and some type of coverup. Typical beach fashion items include sarongs, kaftans and shorts paired with a bikini top.

6. Biker Fashion Style

Biker fashion style is designed to look like you just rode up on a Harley. Pair worn jeans with a tank or t-shirt and boots. Denim jackets and leather also feature in biker fashion.

Beach and biker fashion styles Beach and biker fashion styles PinBeach Fashion Styles and Biker

7. Black Tie (Formal Fashion Style)

Ever heard of a black-tie event? This means that men are expected to wear a suit and tie or a tuxedo and women are to wear a formal gown. Formal dresses are often full length but these days they can also include cocktail dresses. Black tie is considered the most dressy of all the fashion styles.

Black Tie Fashion StylesBlack Tie Fashion StylesPinBlack Tie Fashion Styles

8. Bohemian Style (Boho Chic)

Also known as Boho or Boho chic and a style preferred by free-spirited individuals, this is a combination of alternative, festive, hip, and of course, Bohemian influence. This fashion style started becoming famous in the 1960s.

The main Boho style rule is sticking to anything natural. Thus, clothes and accessories have earthy tones and are made of natural materials, such as rattan, denim, leather, silk, cotton, lace, and turquoise.

Other common things about this style are flower patterns, folk or ethnic elements, unconventional textures and prints, and flowy fabrics. Layering is also typical of the Boho style. Still, you can incorporate bold and attention-grabbing designs and accessories.

With that in mind, Bohemian is a fashion style that is best for the summer but also great for spring when you add scarves, jackets, and vests to your outfit. The clothing pieces that scream Boho are bell-bottom pants, long skirts, and maxi dresses.

9. Business Casual

As the name implies, this is a fashion style that combines casual with business. It is perfect for offices, date nights, night outs with friends or relatives, and non-corporate or informal business meetings and occasions.

If you have no idea how business casual fashion styles look, you can have a businesswear top, such as a blouse or blazer, and then match it with casual bottoms like jeans. You may also do the opposite: a casual top like a t-shirt and sweater and then business bottoms like slacks and tunic or pencil-cut skirts.

For your accessories, any bag, bracelet, earrings, and necklace can work, as long as they’re not too bold like those meant for artsy and bohemian styles.

Fashion Styles - Bohemian and Business Fashion Styles - Bohemian and Business PinFashion Styles – Bohemian and Business

10. Classic Fashion Styles

The classic fashion style exudes comfort, stability, and simple sophistication or elegance that sports clean, straight lines and simple shapes and cuts. Considered timeless and all-season, it is a more polished everyday office look that you can also wear for specific occasions. Common clothing pieces you must include in your wardrobe are pencil skirts, khaki pants, slacks, and blazers.

11. Cowgirl

The cowgirl fashion style is inspired by western clothing in the US. Denim jeans feature heavily in this style paired with a pair of boots. A belt with large belt buckles and a cowboy (or girl) hat complete this look.

Classic and CowgirlClassic and CowgirlPinClassic and Cowgirl

12. E-Girl Fashion Style

The term e-girl was made popular on the social media platform Tik-Tok. It combines emo with punk for a cute and playful look. The e-girl fashion style also encompasses heavy make-up and colored hair.

13. Eighties Fashion

The 80s were characterized by bright and bold choices paired with big hair. Think 80s Madonna with ripped tights, blazers with large shoulder pads, and biker jackets.

14. Emo Fashion

Emo fashion style is a darker fashion choice inspired by music from the early 2000s. It is often dark-colored and tight paired with sneakers or black boots.

80s and Emo Fashion80s and Emo FashionPin1980s and Emo Fashion Styles

15. Ethnic

Ethnic is a non-specific style since it includes pieces of clothing and accessories that represent a certain culture. It might be your own heritage or another`s. Some of the most popular ones are tunics, Afghan coats, Mexican peasant tops, kaftans, and Japanese kimonos.

16. Chic Style

This style is elegant, classy, and modern. It doesn’t involve vibrant or bright colors as it aims to maintain a neat or tidy look. That is why you must choose monochromatic clothing pieces with stylish and classic designs and black, white, and other neutral colors.

The accessories you choose, though, can have striking standard colors, such as red and yellow. These pieces will add contrast to the overall look. Similarly, for your makeup, stick with the classic colors: red lipsticks, light tan or brown eye makeup, and black or brown eyeliners.

17. Cottagecore Fashion Styles

The cottagecore trend is influenced by country and rural living. Gingham features heavily, as do denim and lace and ruffles. If you look at home at a country picnic then you have nailed this fashion style.

18. Disco

Disco fashion styles are inspired by the 1970s disco dancing fashions. It heavily features sequined and metallic fabrics in dresses and jumpsuits. Halter necks are popular for this style.

19. Exotic

This style is just like the artsy style, as it’s also unique and involves a lot of experimentation, but it is more mysterious and unique. It also quickly catches attention, even from a distance, because of the vibrant, bold colors, bizarre designs, intricate embroideries, patterns, mosaics, and prints. In contrast to the arty style, the exotic fashion style is too uncommon or intriguing for most individuals.

Fashion Styles - Chic and ExoticFashion Styles - Chic and ExoticPinFashion Styles – Chic and Exotic

20. Feminine or Girly

This style portrays the traditional expectations of how a woman should dress up and designs, tones, and pieces of clothing that have been considered female-specific in the past. That means pastel colors, bows, laces, florals, ruffles, blouses, skirts, and dresses. It can also include attires that flatter your feminine shape, such as fitted jeans, cinched waistcoats, and a-line dresses.

21. Festival Fashion Styles

Festivals such as Coachella, Stagecoach, and Lollapalooza have spawned their own fashion styles. Many festival-goers and in particular celebrities are known to be photographed in risque outfits that show lots of skin. Add a bikini top to a pair of cut-off shorts and natural flowing hair and you are ready to go.

22. Flamboyant

Flamboyant is among the brightest fashion styles associated with drama that portrays confidence, exuberance, and stylishness. The clothing pieces have intense, vibrant colors and outlandish designs, patterns, and prints. They’re also usually multi-colored, asymmetrical, flouncy, and splashy.

Fashion Styles - Feminine and FlamboyantFashion Styles - Feminine and FlamboyantPinFashion Styles – Feminine and Flamboyant

23. Garconne

Originated in France, the Garconne style is modern and elegant but simple and has an androgynous silhouette. It’s casual wear perfect for days when you have no idea what to wear. All you have to do is put your jeans on and pair them with a t-shirt or loose-fitting blouse and shiny loafers. You may also combine any rugged menswear that you have with feminine pieces.

24. Geeky or Nerdy

This style portrays the stereotypical impression of nerds or geeks, which is bookish and introverted. As such, it usually includes wearing oversized eyeglasses, loafers, baggy or loose-fitting pants, sleeved long dresses, and midi or long skirts.

Fashion Styles - Garconne and GeekyFashion Styles - Garconne and GeekyPinFashion Styles – Garconne and Geeky

25. Girl Next Door

Although not really considered a style, this is known for its simplicity and cuteness. It’s a look that you might have already tried in the past. The style includes clothes that are easy to wear and comfortable, such as jumpers, jeans, cute mini dresses and skirts, and tees. You also only need cool and simple accessories like sneakers, doll shoes, mini backpacks, and sling bags.

26. Gothic Fashion

Combining morbid and mystery and with a great influence from gothic music and fiction, this style is synonymous with black. As such, you usually wear black all over, such as clothes, lipstick, makeup, and shoes, or at least most of your attire is black. However, when you add another color, make sure it’s not something striking.

This fashion style also usually includes tight-fitting bottoms, combat boots and bold and dark accessories. It is perfect for themed parties or casual events.

Fashion Styles - Girl Next Door and GothFashion Styles - Girl Next Door and GothPinFashion Styles – Girl Next Door and Goth

26. Grunge Style or Alternative Rock

A style that can suit almost everyone, the grunge originated in the 1980s in Seattle. It is edgy, messy, and comfortable that usually involves a lot of layering or oversize silhouette. If this is the style that you prefer during your off-work days or travels, fill your closet with slogan tees, shirts with band logos or names, flannel shirts, cropped tops, slouchy or oversized sweaters or knits, leather jackets, ripped jeans, leggings, or tights, and disheveled skirts.

Fashion Styles - Punk and AlternativeFashion Styles - Punk and AlternativePinFashion Styles – Punk and Alternative

28. Haute Couture

Haute couture is a term used for high-end fashion made to be custom fitted. It is renowned for its beading and fabric manipulation techniques and can take many hours to complete one garment.

29. Hip Hop

As another style with a music genre influence, hip hop fashion came about when fans copied their favorite singers and musicians. It is also among the fashion styles that break trends and make you stand out from the crowd. Your wardrobe would usually include loose jeans, jerseys, bomber jackets, caps, chains, and other bling-bling.

30. Hippie Fashion (1970s)

Hippie fashion is an interpretation of fashion styles from the 1970s. It is similar to boho fashion and includes bell-bottoms, tie-dye, and ethnic jewelry. Part of the hippie fashion trend is free-flowing wavy hair and natural makeup.

31. Kawaii

A style that started in the streets of Japan, kawaii is a lovely, feminine yet child-like style with pop culture aesthetics. Since the Japanese term kawaii translates to cute, the pieces of clothing typical to this style have cute designs, such as cartoon characters and pastel colors. Short or mini skirts are also distinctive for this look.

PinFashion Styles – Hip Hop and Kawaii

32. K-Pop

K-pop or Korean pop fashion style started in the late 1800s and was inspired by the South Korean pop music genre. Thus, it is a look that has been copied from South Korean pop artists. If this is the style for you, you can add berets, off-shies, checkered and denim skirts, long socks, and gown-like mini dresses in your closet.

33. Lagenlook

Lagenlook is among the most famous fashion styles in Europe that involve the layering of multiple clothing pieces. The clothes worn on top of one another have unique shapes and can have either similar or different colors.

Fashion Styles - K PopFashion Styles - K PopPinFashion Styles – K Pop

34. Loungewear

As the name implies, loungewear is a style comprising clothes that you usually wear while lounging or relaxing on your couch or bed during the day. That includes sleep pants, leggings, sweatpants, harem pants, jumpsuits, cardigans, and sweatshirts. It is one of the styles that scream comfort. However, people also wear these clothes while walking in the park, day out with friends, and grocery shopping.

35. Minimal Fashion Style

The purpose of minimalistic fashion is to keep the lines clean and the colors monochromatic or neutral. Choose well-cut, simple and classic pieces that you can easily mix and match.

36. Military

The military style is one of the easiest to identify and makes you stand out in a crowd. It consists of highly functional and comfortable clothes with patched and large pockets. Typical garments for this style are camouflage or khaki cargo pants and shorts, coats, jackets, and warm parkas. Some also include wide belts.

Fashion Styles - Loungewear and MilitaryFashion Styles - Loungewear and MilitaryPinFashion Styles – Loungewear and Military

37. Modest

Modest fashion styles show very little bare skin and have long sleeves, long legs, and high necklines. The fabrics are opaque so as not to show anything underneath. Modest clothing is more typically loose and an be layered.

38. Mod Fashion (1960s)

Mod fashion was popular in 1960s England. Wear mini skirts and mini dresses in bold, bright colors and graphic prints.

39. Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood fashion never really goes out of style. Glamorous flowing gowns with set wavy hair and topped with a fur coast. This style takes influence from the formal fashions of the 1930s to 1950s.

40. Preppy Style

Preppy or prep fashion style has been adapted from traditional North-Eastern private prep school students and Ivy League college uniforms. It also took inspiration from sports, such as horseback riding, tennis, sailing, and polo. Likewise, it`s almost similar to the simple, classic style with the addition of bold patterns such as plaid and stripes. Common colors include red, white and navy.

The typical clothes worn by individuals who love this style include polo shirts, crew neck sweaters, henley shirts, button-down oxfords, cardigans, blazers, argyle sweaters, short skirts, khaki pants, straight-cut chinos, socks, and boat shoes. For accessories, the typical ones are pearls and cloth-wrapped headbands.

Fashion Styles - Classic and PreppyFashion Styles - Classic and PreppyPinFashion Styles – Classic and Preppy

41. Punk

Punk fashion is a 1970 and 1980 style that has an edgy, anti-materialistic, and rebellious look. Rock punk’s hallmark is studded and spiked vests, leather jackets, deconstructed blazers, spandex, and ripped fishnet stockings. It can also include bright prints and colors. Think of David Bowie if you want to imagine how punk rock looks. On the other hand, band t-shirts, shirts with provocative messages, skater skirts, and skinny jeans are typical of the pop-punk style.

Accessories meant to complete punk fashion styles are wrist bands, chains, stud earrings, patches, safety pins, and black boots. People with this fashion sense also have dyed Mohawk or spike hair and wear heavy black eyeliners.

42. Resort Fashion Style

Resort fashion is loose and free-flowing with soft breathable fabrics. Wear kaftans and loose shifts in colorful prints. Top your outfit off with a pair of sandals and you are ready to go. Think kaftans, tops, shorts, capris and pants.

43. Retro Fashion Styles

Retro is a vintage style of fashion that takes from certain decades of the past. A 70s retro style might involve wearing bellbottom jeans with a tie-dye t-shirt and platform shoes. Choose a decade you like and pick and choose the fashion styles within.

44. Rock Fashion Styles

The rock or rocker fashion style takes inspiration from heavy metal rock bands and can also be a combination of metal, alternative, gothic, punk rock, R&B, and country music. It is edgy, glamorous, chic, and modern.

That said, rock-styled individuals wear smaller-sized clothes instead of baggy ones. They also wear motorcycle or biker leather jackets with patches, metal studs, pin badges, or Esso gas man trinkets, vintage tees or tees with rock band logos, names, or pictures, and ripped denim.

45. Sexy

The number one misconception about this fashion style is that you should wear clothes that reveal too much skin. Although that is somewhat true, this style is for women who want to flaunt their best assets, whether they show skin or not.

Besides mini-skirts, shorts, tubes, spaghetti straps, low necklines, and the like, you can also wear tight tops and bottoms, striped blazers, and bodycon or pair cropped tops with high-waisted jeans or bottoms to show off your curves. For shoes, high heels are perfect choices, but you can also consider those with striking colors such as hot pink and canary yellow.

Fashion Styles - Rock and SexyFashion Styles - Rock and SexyPinFashion Styles – Rock and Sexy

46. Sporty

Sporty is among the fashion styles gaining popularity because of the comfort wearers feel even when they wear such an outfit all day long. Aptly named, the clothes worn are typically meant for playing sports, jogging, running, and exercising, so they’re breathable and mostly stretchable.

People who sport this style wear jersey, tank tops, hoodies, oversize sweatshirts, polo, tennis shirts, shorts, leggings, joggers, and yoga pants. To top off the style, they put their hair up into a pony and wear sneakers. Most of the time, the clothing pieces are mostly activewear brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour.

47. Streetwear

Many cultures, most especially skater, punk, and hip-hop, heavily influence the streetwear style. It became most famous in the 1990s. The articles of clothing included in this casual fashion style are hoodies, tees with logos, cropped tops, and baggy pants, plus sneakers and caps.

Fashion Styles - Sporty and StreetwearFashion Styles - Sporty and StreetwearPinFashion Styles – Sporty and Streetwear

48. Tomboy

This simple, comfortable, modern style involves items that are not too feminine in nature but pieces that are more masculine or neutral. Examples are buttoned-up tops, baggy t-shirts, graphic tees, collared shirts, oversized blazers, slushy cardigans, suits, men-style trousers, loose-fitting jeans, Oxfords, and trousers.

49. Trendy

This style is the most non-standard because it changes and evolves constantly and depends on the current season. It is for individuals who wear what’s latest in the fashion industry. Although this is convenient since there are no frills and dramas and you only have to know what’s current, it’s not economically efficient because you have to update your wardrobe all the time.

Fashion Styles - Tomboy and TrendyFashion Styles - Tomboy and TrendyPinFashion Styles – Tomboy and Trendy

50. Victorian

The Victorian era fashion style emulates those from the 19th Century. While modern interpretations may not be true to their original counterparts you can certainly take elements. Wear long dresses with corsets and petticoats.

51. Vintage Fashion Styles

Also known as retrospective or retro, vintage mimics the style of the previous centuries, especially from the 1920s to 1970s. If this is the style you prefer, it’s best to purchase clothes in vintage stores, thrift shops, and resale stores. Still, you can wear newly manufactured clothes with vintage styles, such as circle skirts, flapper dresses, wide-leg trousers, petticoats, and pinup clothing.

52. Wild West

This is a style that is cowboy and country in nature, making it highly unique and distinct. It includes cowboy hats, cowboy or classic-style boots, cowboy shirts or polos, bootcut jeans, and creative types of belts.

Fashion Styles - Vintage and WesternFashion Styles - Vintage and WesternPinFashion Styles – Vintage and Western

Fashion Styles – In Conclusion

Surely, there are still plenty of fashion styles; in fact, you can even create your style and become a trendsetter. That’s because fashion is very subjective. You also can’t stick to one style since there are times when you need to wear something casual or follow specific dress codes. Just make sure that you always choose a style that won`t restrict your movements because you`re not comfortable or happy with it.

Different Types of Fashion Styles

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