Explaining the Benefits of Wearing Earth Shoes – Women

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Earth shoes are not new. In fact, they were first introduced in the market back in 1970. However, the company ceased to operate for many years. After decades of absence, the company re-introduced their footwear once again to the market. This time, they offer a wider selection and bigger collection of these negative heel products. They are offering the Earth Shoes Women collection where ladies can find “healthy” sandals and boots that they can use on a daily basis. They can finally toss out their painful high heel and elevated footwear.

Enjoying the Natural Comfort

Like all other products from the same brand, Earth Shoes Women collection includes various kinds of “inclined-toes” boots, sandals, slippers and others. A 37-degree inclined sole is inserted into each of them in order to place the toes higher than the heels. This is the mark of this brand. This is what they refer to as the negative heel technology.  With this design, the body’s proper posture and alignment is maintained. This inclined sole is complimented by an arch support to help you walk more naturally and comfortably. When using products from this brand, you would not have bear with painful feet. All of the products from this brand are designed to offer maximum comfort. It is not surprising why there are many women who are getting their own pair of Earth shoes.

Are they Safe to Use?

The design of Earth brand footwear is considerably different from the usual designs. Now, this brings to mind the question, “Are they safe to use?” Well, they are. Think of it this way, if you can wear a pair of boots that forces your body out of proper alignment, you can definitely wear something that encourages proper posture and alignment.

When you wear negative heel shoes, you maintain your body’s center of gravity which is not the case when you use high-heel boots.  Elevated and high-heel footwear forces your weight forward which prompts you to hold your body backward in order to maintain balance. Unfortunately, this switches your center of gravity which then results to various medical problems like back pain and leg pain.

In summary, if you want to avoid having sore feet everyday, you need to get your own pair from the Earth Shoes Women collection. Pronto!

write by Terry Apfel

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