Dressing Up for Halloween in a Lederhosen Costume

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Lederhosen are leather trousers or breeches with suspenders and drop down flats that end above the knee. Breeches that end below the knee are called bundhosen. In German, lederhosen means leather trousers. Lederhosen got its origins from Alpine Germany. They were mostly worn by German men who worked in strenuous jobs that required hard labor. The leather in the lederhosen was a long lasting, durable, and indestructible material that could get hard working men through almost anything during a work day. The general population of Germany did not wear lederhosen. It was mostly worn by working men in Bavaria, Tyrol in Western Austria, Northern Italy, and Alpine Germany. Throughout history manufacturers tried to think of new ways to use the lederhosen for every day use. In Europe they were worn by outdoor enthusiasts during horse riding and hunting expeditions. In the 1970s they dropped the suspenders and drop down flats and gave the lederhosen two vertical double zippers and sold them as work out apparel in Europe.

The origin for wearing lederhosen as costumes to many festivities started in 1880 in Munich, Germany. Because of the durability of the leather the lederhosen were generally worn by men outdoors for festivals, hiking, beer gardens, and gardening. Men were the main participants for wearing lederhosen because they were equated to brawn and virility for strong men. While men were wearing cowboy hats in America, and kilts in Scotland, Bavarian men were wearing lederhosen. Today, lederhosen is worn by men and women at festivities and as Halloween costumes all over the world.

The most favorite places to wear a lederhosen costume are at Oktoberfest and Halloween festivities. They are great costumes to wear because they are different from most traditional costumes of witches, vampires, and werewolves. They are also comfortable and stylish with suspenders and long white socks, brown shoes, and an alpine hat with a feather in it. Couples can both wear lederhosen costumes to Oktoberfest or Halloween parties and be the life of the party. Women can wear bright red lederhosen Beer Stein bar maid costumes with black suspenders, white shirt, long white leggings, black shoes, and an alpine hat with a red feather in true Bavarian style, along with her partner wearing the traditional men lederhosen. Couples can also buy affordable lederhosen costumes online where they will find many Halloween costume deals.

The Oktoberfest in Germany is fifteen days of entertainment while drinking beer, eating pretzels and sausage wursts, while singing great German songs. It gives party goers a feeling of nostalgia as they go back in time to a place where drinking beer and singing was an every day occurrence. Oktoberfest caught on with the rest of the world and now most cities have an Oktoberfest. Most worldwide Oktoberfest gatherings only last for one to three days. Singles and couples can attend these extravaganza’s or find Halloween parties in their own neck of the woods wearing an authentic Lederhosen costume. There will be plenty of Halloween fun while wearing the best lederhosen Halloween costumes of the season.

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