Double Herringbone Stitch | Embroidery Tutorial

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Once you have learned single herringbone it is easy to transfer it into the technique of double herringbone stitch. Doubling up on your original herringbone stitch results in extra work but extra joy from a beautiful variation of a simple stitch. 

double herringbone stitchPinDouble Herringbone Stitch


What is Double Herringbone Stitch?How to do Double Herringbone StitchStep 1 – Sew Single Herringbone StitchStep 2 – Add Extra RowShorter Double Herringbone StitchDouble Herringbone Stitch – In ConclusionMore Embroidery Articles

What is Double Herringbone Stitch?

Double herringbone stitch is comprised of 2 overlaying rows of single herringbone stitch. Normally done in two contrasting colors, it creates a denser, interlaced stitch that is useful for filling and borders. Herringbone stitch is named after the backbones of the herring fish.

Herringbone stitch also is found in knitting and crochet.

How to do Double Herringbone Stitch

Step 1 – Sew Single Herringbone Stitch

Here are a few tips for starting your single herringbone stitch:

Follow the directions for single herringbone along the border or area you plan to use the stitch and complete the first row of herringbone stitch.Make your stitches a little wider than you normally would to allow for the second color to be added.When learning, it is easiest to mark two parallel lines to work between.Try to keep the angle of the stitches regular to give a nice uniform look. Varying the height or width of the stitches will give a completely different look to your double herringbone stitch.

double herringbone stitchdouble herringbone stitchPinDouble Herringbone Stitch

To do double herringbone stitch, you will need to start with a single row:

Work from right to left between the two parallel lines. Bring the needle to the top of the fabric at (1) which is on the far right of the top line.Cross on the diagonal and put the needle in at (2) on the bottom line.Exit the needle at point (3) which is to the right of point (2)

herringbone stitch step 2herringbone stitch step 2PinStep 1

Cross on the diagonal and put the needle in at (4) on the top line.Exit the needle at point (5) which is to the right of point (4)

herringbone stitch step 3herringbone stitch step 3PinStep 3

Repeat until you have an entire row.

herringbone sitchherringbone sitchPinStep 4

Step 2 – Add Extra Row

Change your thread to another color which is a contrast or a shade of the original color.Start to stitch another row of herringbone just next to the first using the same technique as above.Follow the original stitching, but pass your thread either over or under the original threads. When you are beginning it is easiest to stitch on top of the original row.Keep stitching into the fabric at the top and bottom of the row of stitches.

double herringbone stitch step 2double herringbone stitch step 2PinDouble Herringbone Stitchdouble herringbone step 3double herringbone step 3PinDouble Herringbone Stitch Double Herringbone Stitch  Double Herringbone Stitch PinDouble Herringbone Stitch

Shorter Double Herringbone Stitch

The method above gives an even border of herringbone stitches. It is also possible to shorten the height of the second row to give an irregular look to your double herringbone.

Double Herringbone Stitch – In Conclusion

A beautiful double row of herringbone stitches will then look twice as nice on your embroidery. You can add this stitch to clothing borders and your embroidery designs.

Double Herringbone Stitch Close UpDouble Herringbone Stitch Close UpPinDouble Herringbone Stitch Close Up

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