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One underrated type of jewelry is anklets. Everyone loves to wear a large studded ring to display their taste in jewelry, and bracelets are quite popular as well, and of course everyone has pierced ears for earrings, but not many people appreciate the beauty of anklets. They are great to accessorize with open toed shoes, sandals, wedges or heels. They are also traditional jewelry that is worn commonly in South East Asia, especially India. Nowadays, people like to wear anklets while barefoot, or with clothing that exposes the anklets. They are particularly popular among the music festival crowd, wear people wear anklets made out of string and beads. Otherwise, most people just like to wear anklets as an accessory, and the number of people who do this has begun to increase.

Nowadays, ankle bracelets come in many varieties. There are many types of anklets for women which are made out of many different materials, and come in a variety of styles. You will certainly be able to find the right anklet for you depending on your style. Some anklets are meant to be worn just on the bare ankle, while others can be worn over boots and shoes, or look especially good over stockings. Anklets can be constructed out of multicolored beads and string, wire or twine for more of an organic look. These look especially good with wooden sandals, bare feet or a bohemian style of clothing.

There are also gold anklets that many times come in different shapes and can also have charms attached. The gold jewelry will of course be more expensive, but it certainly has an alluring appeal. Anklets especially look great when jewels and charms are attached. They can work well accessorized with high heel shoes, especially with more formal attire. An anklet can add a certain air of elegance to a formal look, especially if it is made out gold. Gold filled anklets are another great option as well.

Aside from the gold, another cheaper option is silver anklets. These bracelets usually are accompanied by a variety of charms and jewels. You can add charms based on your likes and interests and make it a personal piece of jewelry. These work great as gifts. You can add charms that you know will be important to the person you are gifting the anklet to, and they will be especially appreciative. And they come at a much lower price than gold anklets.

Anklets are definitely a fun accessory to wear. Don’t forget that you can add anklet chains to your boots to make them look unique. You can pretty much wear anklets in any way you want, even with a toe ring. Experiment with different looks to see what you can come up with. And no matter what the size of your foot or ankle, there is an anklet that will fit you. Wear them just as you would any other piece of jewelry. While other people may not notice jewelry on your feet, you can add more flair to your everyday look with anklets. Always find the right size anklet for you at

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