Crocheting in Style

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Forget spending hours finding the perfect sandals for that summer dress. Crochet your own! Using free crochet patterns found online, this project is perfect for both the beginner, and a seasoned crocheting expert. Before you know it, your closet will be lined with a pair of sandals for every occasion. Your friends will definitely envy your new found shoe style!

What’s a day at the beach without a killer swimsuit and sandals to match? If you’ve seen those plain Jane white flip flops at the local shoe store, you know where to start. Typically sold for a few dollars a pair, it’s easy to stock up on plenty of flip flops to get you going. Black, white, blue and even gold are a few colors these flip flops generally come in. Keep in mind summer-time birthdays and special occasions when you’re shopping. Most everyone would love a pair of these sandals after they have seen them!

Next comes selecting some flashy and fun yarn colors. Refer to your crocheting instructions for yarn size. Buy plenty of colors to give yourself options! Once you get your yarn home, jump online and download one the many free crochet patterns available. If you are new to crocheting, there are fantastic beginner instructions that don’t take long to learn. Posted video clips and articles will help explain what crocheting is all about. Make it a priority to get familiar with all the tips and tricks of crocheting before you begin.

Starting with your first slip-knot, you’ll discover crocheting to be completely addictive. Inviting a friend to join your adventure only adds to the fun. Being able to chat while you work can make the time fly by. Within a matter of a couple hours, your first pair of sandals will be complete! All you need now is an appointment at the local beauty shop for that fabulous summer time pedicure. Between the sandals and pedicure, your feet won’t know how to thank you enough.

write by Eunice

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