Choosing the Best Designer Prom Dress Color To Complement Your Complexion

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A lot of advice is given about choosing the best designer prom dress to complement your body shape, but color is something that is often overlooked. However, in order to look truly gorgeous for Prom it’s essential you choose a gown with colors that complement your complexion. Here’s a guide to choosing color.

Complexions are often grouped into four distinct types and named after each of the seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Spring Complexion

Golden undertones, creamy white or peach skin belong to this type of complexion. As well as these traits, people with a Spring complexion can also have blue or green eyes, straw-colored or strawberry red hair and sometimes freckles. This complexion is best complemented with warm colors and tones like golden brown, golden yellow, camel or peach. The best designer prom dress for you should be predominantly of these colors.

Summer Complexion

People with pale, pink skin with either blue or pink undertones belong in this category. A girl will usually have naturally blond hair although brunettes with lighter colored eyes also match this type of complexion. Pastel shades and natural hues perfectly complement the Summer complexion. Try out colors like lavender or other soft blues, plum, or rosy browns. Avoid strident colors like orange or black.

Fall Complexion

Fall is a time of golden undertones. Autumnal complexions include redheads and brunettes with light brown eyes. Choose a gown that has any color with golden undertones, like beige, camel, orange and brown. Blue tones are to be avoided altogether.

Winter Complexion

This complexion has skin with blue or pink undertones and is usually pale white, yellowish olive or dark. This skin type applies to most Asians and African Americans. Colors that complement are sharp and clear such as white, black, red, dark blue and iridescent pinks. If these are too strong and you want something softer, don’t choose pastel colors instead go for icy shades like icy blue and steel gray. You should avoid colors such as orange, beige, gold and any subdued color.

If you’re still unsure about which of the four categories you belong to, go and talk to a professional makeup stylist. It’s their job to know all about skin tones and complexions and what colors best suit a particular person.

Feel free to bring together two different color schemes. Remember that when you do this, the two colors must belong in the same part of the color wheel and therefore complement one another or they must be at the opposite ends and provide total contrast.

When mixing colors, it’s best to do it on the dress itself; you should avoid mixing colors when one color is only found only on the dress and the other is only found on, say, the shoes; even if the colors do match it may still look rather jarring.

The best designer prom dress is one that best accentuates your figure and your complexion; many only think about the first part. If you want to look gorgeous for Prom, give color just as much thought.


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