Choosing Beautiful Bridal Shoes

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Every woman knows that the shoes make the outfit! Choosing shoes for your wedding is not quite as simple as for a regular day. There are many special requirements that bridal shoes must meet, and they also need to make you feel fabulous.

There are many types of bridal shoes available. Formal shoes are typically covered in fabric, although you might find the occasional metallic wedding shoe. The finest shoes are covered in silk. Less expensive versions are usually done in a polyester matte crepe or satin. These shoes are a popular choice for bridesmaids because they are affordable and are often dyeable. They may not, however, be as comfortable as a shoe made from natural materials.

Bridal shoes are available in white or ivory, and some can be dyed to match your gown (although the silk ones often cannot be colored). Keep in mind that even with a dyed-to-match shoe, there is no guarantee of an exact match to your gown, because they are probably different types of fabrics. When in doubt, it is always best to err on the side of a shoe being darker than the gown rather than lighter. So if you are wearing a silk white (also called diamond white) dress and your shoes are only offered in pure white or ivory, the ivory will look better.

Your bridal shoes have a very demanding job. Not only do they have to match the wedding gown and look fantastic, but they also have to get through a long day. If you think about it, a bride is on the go for an entire day. From pre-wedding pictures, standing during the ceremony, circulating during the reception, and dancing, a bride will spend a lot of time on her feet. The last thing that you want is uncomfortable shoes spoiling your fun.

Lower heeled styles are going to be the most wearable. Even if your signature shoe is a four inch stiletto, pick something more practical for your bridal shoe. Unless the wedding gown is a straight sheath, only a little bit of the shoe will peek out, so don’t worry that a low heel will look dowdy. If your wedding is outdoors, you also need to look for a wide heel that will not get stuck in the grass. Try on your shoes with your bridal gown and practice walking to make sure that your dress does not snag on a crystal detail or in the heel of the shoes.

Often brides plan to wear a higher heel for the ceremony, and then switch to a flat or flip-flops for dancing. The only problem is that if your seamstress has hemmed your wedding dress based on the ceremony shoes, it will drag on the ground once you switch to the lower shoe, which will be very inconvenient for dancing. The solution is to choose two pairs of shoes that are similar in height, and have the gown either hemmed for the lower pair, or halfway in between.

There is quite a wide range of shoe styles from which a bride can choose. There are strappy sandals, ankle strap pumps, Mary Janes, ballet flats, D’orsay pumps, slingbacks, and slides. The bride should select a shoe based on the style of her gown, and the way it fits her foot. If you are awkward walking in high heels, your wedding day is not the time to try to learn! (In fact, that was the very sage advice given to me by one of my bridesmaids. I went with the flats.)

Shoes should act as the perfect finishing touch to your bridal ensemble, which means that they should coordinate with your gown and accessories. If your gown has a bow at the waist, look for shoes with petite bows on them. Often a bride will tie her shoes in with her bridal jewelry. If she is wearing sparkling Swarovksi crystal bridal jewelry, then a pair of shoes with a crystal or rhinestone accent would be gorgeous. For brides wearing pearl bridal jewelry, opt for shoes adorned with scattered pearls or a row of pearls on an ankle strap.

Almost every woman loves shoes. Your bridal shoes will be the most special pair that you will ever own. Even though I know that I will never wear them again, I still saved the shoes from my wedding day (silk flats with a tailored bow on the toe). Invest in a pair of shoes that feel great and you truly adore, and you will feel fantastic.

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