Choose Neutral Solid Colours for Your Business Pant Suits to Look Professional

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The corporate world is no longer the sole domain of the male, and with all the female CEOs and MDs in their business pant suits, the conference room is taking on a very different look. In previous years, the only type of business suit available to women was those that closely resembled men’s suits. Men used to treat business women as though they were just playing dress-up. Top designers of today have realized that women in the business world are here to stay, and have provided them business pant suits which say “don’t take me seriously at your own peril!”

Business suits for women are cut in flattering styles, and are perfectly fitted to different body types; feminine yet at the same time not detracting from the wearer’s professional look. Going to work in one of these suits will automatically make you feel more confident, and if one feels confident then one radiates confidence. This confidence will be taken note of, and will be reflected back by your seniors at work and clients.

When shopping for business suits, there are many designers from which you can choose, such as Valentino, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci. Even if you cannot afford a designer suit though, it is still a good idea to invest in one off the rack as long as it fits well and is of a good quality.

Here are some tips regarding choosing colors for your business pant suits:

Red – although this is a nice strong color, it may not be the best color to wear for business purposes, and is a bit too bright for interviews.

White – is always a nice color, especially to wear to less formal functions, and always looks very elegant.

Navy – is a good solid color and is seen to be a serious business look. It will serve you well for many functions and can be carried to night-wear very easily.

Grey – this will afford you a softer yet still professional look.

Black – is always a good color for professional purposes, and like the little black dress is one color that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Black suits can also very easily accomplish the transition from your daytime job to even the most formal evening function and when paired with a lovely shimmery or sparkly top and evening shoes, will have every eye in the room focused on you.

No matter what color suit you choose, the most important detail is that you ensure that the suit fits your body type and makes you look professional and not like a sack of potatoes. Try to get a suit that is made out of a fabric that will not easily wrinkle, and that you can wash yourself.

Your business pant suits should suit you, feel comfortable, and be professional looking, not floral or flashy. It is easy to make five or six outfits from one suit, especially if it is a neutral color, by changing your blouse, shoes, hairstyle, jewellery and other accessories such as belts, scarves, and handbag.

write by Muriel

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