Chevron Stitch Embroidery – SIMPLE for Beginners

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A chevron is a v-shape either singular or in a line. If you look at the chevron stitch in hand embroidery, it is simply a row of v shapes or zig zag with a little cross cap at each top and the bottom. It is a very geometric stitch that looks great for borders and modern designs.

Chevron Stitch EmbroideryPinChevron Stitch Embroidery


Chevron Stitch How to Do Chevron StitchSuppliesStep 1 – Needle UpStep 2 – First CapStep 3 – V and Bottom CapStep 4 – Third Cap at TopStep 5 – RepeatChevron Stitch Embroidery – In ConclusionMORE EMBROIDERY STITCHES

Chevron Stitch

The chevron stitch is normally sewn in straight lines but it can also be gently curved if you mark the position very carefully. It is considered a surface stitch and can be used to cover larger areas.

Chevron Stitch Close UpChevron Stitch Close UpPinChevron Stitch Close Up

How to Do Chevron Stitch

If you are new to embroidery, make sure you read my comprehensive article on how to embroider. This will give beginners advice on the tools, threads and techniques you need to start you on this new hobby.


HOOPS – Like most hand embroidery, you will find it easier to do this stitch if your fabric is in a frame or hoop. This will hold the fabric tight and prevent any puckering if you pull the thread too tight. THREAD – Most embroidery is done with a thread called floss, but if you are practicing this stitch then any thread or yarn will do. For my sample, I`ve used a 6 strand embroidery floss and threaded my needle single and knotted the end. FABRIC – Any fabric can be used but you may find it useful to use a fabric with an open weave where you can see the threads. Because it is a geometric stitch, you can count the threads across to get symmetrical shapes without the need for marking. I used an unbleached calico fabric. NEEDLES – The hand sewing needles should suit the fabric and thickness of the thread you are using. Embroidery needles are commonly used for many fabrics and have large eyes. Use a needle threader to easily thread without frustration. You can read more about the different type of embroidery needles in my article on hand sewing needles. Embroidery Hoops and FlossEmbroidery Hoops and FlossPinEmbroidery Hoops and Floss

Step 1 – Needle Up

When you are learning this stitch, draw 2 parallel rows with a pencil or removable fabric pen. Pencil won`t come off so it should be used for practice only. It can also help to draw the first v shape and caps to visualize where the needle will be going.

Bring the needle from underneath and exit on top at (1) which is the far left of the first cap. We will be working from left to right (assuming you are right-handed).

Chevron Stitch - Step 1Chevron Stitch - Step 1PinChevron Stitch – Step 1

Step 2 – First Cap

Put the needle back into the fabric at (2) which is the right side of the cap and bring it up at (3) which is the midpoint between (1) and (2). Point (3) is also the start of the V shape.

Chevron Stitch - Step 2Chevron Stitch - Step 2PinChevron Stitch – Step 2

Here is the first cap completed ready to sew the V.

Chevron Stitch - Step 2 CompletedChevron Stitch - Step 2 CompletedPinChevron Stitch – Step 2 Completed

Step 3 – V and Bottom Cap

It is now time to sew the bottom cap. Put the needle down into the fabric at (4) and come up at (5) which is the same distance between (1) and (3). This means it is half a cap.

Chevron Stitch - Step 3Chevron Stitch - Step 3PinChevron Stitch – Step 3

The second half of the bottom cap is done by putting the needle in at (6) and exiting at (7). Point (7) is in the same place as (4).

PinChevron Stitch – Step 3

Here is what the beginning of the chevron stitch looks like when pulled tight.

Chevron Stitch - Step 3 Chevron Stitch - Step 3 PinChevron Stitch – Step 3 Completed

Step 4 – Third Cap at Top

I think you get the idea now of how to sew chevron stitch caps. They are all sewn in two parts. The V almost creates itself as you move the needle between the caps.

For the last cap, put the needle down at (8) which is the top of the V shape. Come up at (9) which is half the second cap. The distance between (8) and (9) is the same as (1) and (3).

Chevron Stitch - Step 4Chevron Stitch - Step 4PinChevron Stitch – Step 4

Now for the other side of the cap. Put the needle over to the other side at (10) and exit in the middle at (8) again.

Chevron Stitch - Step 4Chevron Stitch - Step 4PinChevron Stitch – Step 4

Step 5 – Repeat

Just keep repeating the chevron stitch until you have a row of them. Here is our stitch with 2 next to each other.

Chevron StitchChevron StitchPinChevron Stitch

Chevron Stitch Embroidery – In Conclusion

Different effects can be achieved using contrast threads or matching threads and by alternating the position of the chevron stitch. You can even join rows of stitches for a continuous look that reminds me of smocking.

chevron stitchchevron stitchPinChevron Stitch Embroidery


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