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When we talk of a cheerleader what comes to many of our minds is a huge playing field with competing players and a large audience. A cheerleader is someone who leads a group of usually beautiful, sexy girls who cheers for a certain team. Cheerleading’s main purpose is to entertain, motivate, and unite spectators of other athletic teams that are competing. Some say that cheerleading is one of the ways that girls use to get boys interested in them; others consider cheerleading as a sport.

Those that think cheerleading is a sport believe this to be because cheerleaders go through weightlifting, gymnastics, etc… To be a great cheerleader one must: be as strong as any football player, as poised as any dancer, and as flexible as the best gymnast. Can you imagine someone with a cheerleader outfit attending a Halloween party? What do cheerleaders usually wear? What are their accessories that fit their outfit? Times change, so do fashion statements, before when talking about Halloween costume parties the main characters present are Dracula, vampires, witch, angels, but now cheerleaders are present in Halloween parties too. You may also find male cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders usually wear warm ups and jogging pants, others wear mini skirts with fit tee shirts for top with knee sacks and shoes. Cheerleaders usually have curly hair in ponytails. Cheerleaders have with them their pompoms. Are you ready to be a cheerleader at your Halloween party this year? Have you prepared your costume and accessories like bows, ribbons, curlers, extensions, pompons?

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