Changes in Airport Security Since 9-11

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Since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, airport security has been forced to make major improvements over the past ten years to make sure Americans and visitors are safe. Recently airlines have begun to put restrictions on items such as OEM hand carts and OEM luggage by not allowing people to have locks on their bags. It is important that airport security really figure out the best ways to keep people safe from another terrible attack. This article lists some of the major ways airport security has changed over the past ten years as well as the future of airport security.

1. People are no longer allowed to greet their family and friends right out of the gate like they used to be able to do. The reasoning behind this is by allowing people near the gate it creates too much commotion that airport security simply cannot handle and keep everyone safe at the same time.

2. There has also been an increase in overall security in terms of the amount of people checking bags and having people go through security. Airport security is also permitted to “randomly” search any individual they see as acting or looking suspicious. This selection process has been heavily criticized by both people who believe security only selects people of Arab decent and by those who believe airport security does not stop enough people who are of Arab decent. New drug tests have been put in place to check carry-on bags by swiping the bag with a round cloth, which is then put into a machine. Also, people must now take off their shoes as they go through security because there have been threats of shoe bombs against airlines that carry American passengers. The latest controversy in airline security is the use of full-body scans. These scans would allow security to see everything about the traveler’s body, which makes many people feel very uncomfortable, while others feel it is a necessary evil in order to keep everyone safe. The other question that comes with the full-body scan is how to decide who must have one, as some argue airport security could take advantage of the machine. Some also argue that only those who are prime targets should have to be subjected to that kind of invasive scan.

3. Finally, there are more and more limitations placed on what items people are permitted and what people are not permitted to bring with them when it comes to carry-on baggage. Travelers may only bring one zip-loc bag full of 3 oz bottles or less of liquid. Also, travelers are not allowed to bring anything on the plane that they did not buy from the airport in terms of liquids.

All airlines have to be very cautious when dealing with travelers during these very difficult times. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the full-body scan controversy in the coming years. Airport security must remain tight in order for Americans to be safe both at home and abroad.

write by Siegfried

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