Cancer Horoscope for October 2010

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Things will be slowing down now and it looks like the focus will be on the home patch for the next 3 weeks – whether that’s temporary or permanent.

Anything affecting your base of operations and relationships with those in the community will be highlighted. And you may be coming and going more in the locality. For some of you that may mean the focus is on accommodation, or domestic routines, but also, family, friends or neighbours. There may be much discussion about home or a chatty time at home or not far away. Private matters, anything affecting basic security will be emphasized and the past will have some kind of impact on the present. Memories, and past experiences or people may come to mind more than usual just now, and you may be tying up loose ends from the past. A new approach will trigger outer events around you which may result in a change in domestic conditions or the home set-up over the two plus years Saturn is at the root of your chart.

It could also be that you are more than usually sensitive about roots, relatives or your inner sense of belonging. So this is also a time to inhabit your safe space inside, and to listen to your inner knowing.

Pluto in your opposite sign for many years to come means partners and others of your inner circle may be experiencing radical change and that could be affecting you and your emotions could get stirred up sometimes.

This will be felt more by early Cancerians at the moment. It also means you may experience intense moments or get into compelling liaisons which may or may not be long term ones.

But this month there’ll be plenty of opportunity to socialize, party or romance and have chances to be spontaneous in your self expression. Significant relationships should flourish under this vibration or you and a loved one could be having a special time together. Someone may be quite impressed by you or may really appreciate your talents or practical know-how.

The first 2-3 days emotions may be nearer the surface and you may feel blocked or pressured or energy levels are a bit low. And from the 7th – 9th you may feel demands on you mentally or emotionally, so keep things as simple as you can and leave major decisions til later if possible.

Jupiter, back into Pisces until next Spring, means your world is due to expand. You will grow academically but also your horizons will broaden as you touch new areas of interest, through.

Travel and hands-on personal experience over these months, so take that chance to plunge into an unfamiliar environment via education or long-distance contacts. Be open minded about what is innovative or unusual and have faith that there is more to discover about your life and purpose.

From the 24th you can be more self indulgent, kick off your shoes and party.

write by Silas

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