Budget-Friendly Fashion Tips For Men

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These days, we have to admit that times are really hard. With the financial crisis and economic recession that hit almost everyone around the world, we can’t be unwise especially in our spending. As food and energy costs continue to soar, can we still afford new clothes and a wardrobe change? Well, it all boils down in finding the best deals on clothes and inexpensive alternatives, so we can still achieve the best look for less. How to be fashionable without the pain in the pocket? Try out these tips that were especially formulated for men:

1. Shoes are probably one of the few items that men are willing to spend a fortune to. But then again, cost is a concern nowadays so you have to choose wisely. There are brands in the market that are not so expensive, but they give you that same look when you buy the expensive ones. You just have to look really well and shop more until you find the one that suits your budget.

2. Jeans have been a staple among men’s wardrobes. There are outrageously priced pairs that reach up to $200, but you can easily find items that are around $50 or less. What counts is that it fits you in such a way that wearing it makes you feel comfortable. Make sure, too, that it flatters your body shape.

3. Of course, one of the best ways to save on your clothes is by choosing colors and fabrics that you can wear all year round. Pick out neutral colors, like white or blue for a dress shirt and gray or black for trousers. Your sports coats and sweaters should be neutral, too. Follow this tip and you are always good to go!

4. When you shop, go for sale events. It is the best time to shop for great stuff as discounts can reach up to 65% off! Don’t get turned off with the long lines when paying. You can’t help it if there are many people who think the same way you do.

5. As you choose and buy items for yourself, you can easily double your wardrobe potential by having reversible pieces that offer two looks in one. Most pieces like jackets, sweaters, and tees are often made reversible.

6. Don’t forget to accessorize. These days, companies are producing really cool watches that look more expensive than they really are. You don’t need to buy fake ones when there are now cheaper choices available.

7. Watches are not the only items that you can have as accessories. It’s now common to find men’s cufflinks all over the place! These cufflinks add a plus factor on your look especially when you go formal. They vary in designs, sizes, and yes, on prices too. All you have to do is pick out a pair that says something on your personality then find the best deal on them.

The hard times may be upon us now, but that does not mean we can’t keep with the fashion. Bear these tips in mind, and you will always be ready to go.

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