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A shorts or bloomers pattern is one of the easiest things you can make for babies and kids. Best of all they will get worn all the time so you can admire all your hard work. This is one of my best selling patterns and can be purchased from my shop at Here I will show you how to make the bloomers with a sew-along video. This pattern is great for beginners to sew.

Bloomer Pattern Sew AlongPinBloomer Pattern Sew Along


Bloomers Pattern – Sew AlongDifference Between Shorts and Bloomers?Purchasing the Bloomers PatternPrinting the Bloomers PatternChoosing SizesNotionsFabric SuggestionsBefore you StartBloomers Pattern – The VideoMore Bloomer Patterns

Bloomers Pattern – Sew Along

Difference Between Shorts and Bloomers?

The main shape of shorts and bloomers are the same but bloomers have elastic in the bottom of the legs.

Bloomer Pattern Sew AlongBloomer Pattern Sew AlongPinBloomers Pattern Sew Along

Years ago, before the invention of modern stretch fabrics, bloomers were used as undergarments. Now they are mainly worn underneath dresses. They also look really cute on babies with just a simple onesie or t-shirt as they cover up nappies.

bloomers patternbloomers patternPinBloomers Pattern

Purchasing the Bloomers Pattern

Before you start you can purchase the Scanlan pattern from my shop at

This is a PDF sewing pattern and not a paper pattern. You download the pattern to your computer and print the pieces on your home printer.


Sizing Groups:

Make sure you choose the correct sizing group. It comes in babies 0 to 24 months or kids 2 to 10 years. The babies` sizing group assumes a nappy will be worn underneath and has a bit more room to accommodate cloth or disposable nappies.

bloomers patternbloomers patternPinBloomers Pattern

Printing the Bloomers Pattern

If you are new to my patterns, then here is an article including a video showing you how to print a PDF pattern. This bloomer pattern is one of the easiest ones to print as it only has 4-6 pages depending on the size you are making.

printing a pdf patternprinting a pdf patternPin

Choosing Sizes

Just measure the waist and hips and choose the closest size. Measure over a nappy if you have a baby. The waist can be adjusted by making the elastic shorter or longer so the most important measurement is the hips.

bloomers pattern sizingbloomers pattern sizingPinBloomers Pattern Sizing Chart


You will need ½ inch (12mm) wide elastic for the waist (both) and legs if you are making the bloomers. Some elastics are softer and stretchier than others so always just double check you are happy with the length before you sew the gap of the casing closed.

Other than the elastic, you will just need your sewing machine and basic sewing supplies. A bodkin to thread the elastic can be handy but is not necessary.

Fabric Suggestions

Cotton and natural fabrics work the best for this pattern. Look for quilting cotton, soft drill and lightweight chambray. Light linens look really trendy but of course, do tend to need a bit more ironing. If you have a new baby you probably want fabrics that are just wash and wear.

Before you Start

Always pre-wash your fabrics to make sure they don`t run or shrink. A lot of fabrics are finished with chemicals to make them stiffer on the rolls, so washing will soften the fabric and make irritation less likely.

How to prewash fabricTesting for shrinkage

Bloomers Pattern – The Video

Here is a video showing you all the steps to make the shorts or bloomers pattern. The pattern also has written instructions to back this up.

Sit back, relax and press play.

Bloomer Pattern VIDEO

Thanks for watching and good luck with your shorts and bloomers. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more sew-alongs, tutorials and projects.

More Bloomer Patterns

Here are some more bloomer patterns from the Treasurie pattern shop

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