Behind Those White Wedding Shoes

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Brides through time walked down the aisle gracefully in their big white dresses and white wedding shoes- a tandem that even time cannot deny. It has been a tradition that brides dress in white on their wedding day and their respective grooms in white or black tuxedos. This practice dates back centuries ago, when women started dressing up in white when formally entering married life.

The Ancient Greeks primed the tradition of using white at weddings. They considered this as a symbol of joyful feast. This credit is given to Queen Victoria for having inspired millions of brides in choosing the pure tandem of a white bridal gown and a pair of white wedding shoes. Although blue was the color set for bridal ensembles, her Royal Highness still preferred to wear white on her wedding day in 1840. Princess Diana, on the other hand, wore white shoes on her wedding to Prince Charles. It was a pair of low heeled flat footwear with pearl encrusted on the ivory silk. In Japan and Western Europe, white is also the traditional color for bridal dresses and shoes.

White to brides has been known to be a sign of purity. This is a symbol that the woman, before she will face the world as a married individual, has kept herself free from worldly impurities. White also symbolizes the woman as the bride of Christ and He as the bridegroom. This connection should also represent the relationship of man and wife that like God, they too, should hold on to each other in love and trust.

Today, white still remains as the basic and most popular must-haves during weddings. From white bridal gowns to white wedding shoes, this color still reigns through the marital ceremony zone. Presently, various shades of white have likewise ruled fashion and nuptial solemnities. This showcases a vast number of selections for every bride to choose from.

On the contrary, some modern brides of today prefer wedding dresses with more colors, thus paired with any colorful footwear other than white shoes. There is absolutely no rule in our place that no other color of wedding gown or wedding shoes should be used other than white.

There are numerous white wedding shoes a bride can choose from, such as the white pumps shoes, while peep-toes shoes, white platform shoes and white ballet shoes. Deciding which type of white shoes to wear during the wedding day depends on the bride herself. Factors such as comfort, budget, style and design have to be taken into consideration.

Every girl is free to choose for themselves. It is their decision and still their own will to do away with the used tradition. Yet this should not be an issue that would hinder a woman’s dream of having her own personalized wedding. Whether she uses white wedding gown and white wedding shoes or not, what matters is that her wedding day is the time when the groom and the bride become bound together by love in the eyes of God. Because behind that tradition, are two hearts meant to unite as one.

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