Bags Are Not Just For Women Anymore – Enter the “Man Bag”

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Cole Haan bags have been traditionally associated as a woman’s accessory. Supple, buttery leather with traditional style and versatility, these bags will withstand daily use and look great for years.

Today, men are adopting the idea that they need to carry more and more things to and from work as they commute into the city or travel across the country. Style and practicality has outweighed the stigma of the man-purse. They need a sharp satchel or briefcase that can hold not only their laptop and formal papers but also their tin of mints, house keys and any other items they may need throughout the day.

A professional is now carrying more electronic gear to appointments than ever before. This in turn drives the need for a bag with several compartments for storing and organizing the necessities needed for calling on customers and keeping in touch with the office.

With that in mind, there are several options for the executive looking for the right bag to meet his needs. The material needs to be canvas or leather for durability, professional style and ease of use when traveling the train into the city. It should be large enough to hold a newspaper or magazine or paperwork that needs to stay flat and crisp for the customer call. A long leather strap should allow the bag to hang comfortably over the shoulder to provide freedom when walking. Lastly, a magnetic closure should be in designed to keep items in the bag until you are ready to remove them.

If the description above looks like a great fit for your needs, the Cole Haan Huarache Newspaper Bag is the right man bag for you.

write by Ahmed Alatari

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