Attractions in Walking Distance of Your Washington Hotel Room

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There’s never more interest in our country’s government than around the time of a Presidential election. With all the excitement surrounding the history-making new President’s inauguration, it’s a perfect time to learn more about the history and inner-working of the United States government in its capitol, Washington D.C.

Planning a visit to the capitol is an exercise in time management, as there are so many monuments and historic sites to see and so many government tours to attend. Mapping out a list of must-see spots and would-like-to-see spots before leaving home is always a good idea. That list can be used as a guideline for the trip. While you might make a few changes on the fly, you won’t mistakenly forget to visit the Lincoln Memorial if you’re checking your list.

Be sure to pack comfortable walking clothes and shoes for your trip, since Washington D.C. is generally considered a walking city. If you’ll be making the trip with small children, you’ll want to bring a stroller with you. The variety of attractions you’re likely to visit can be too much for little feet, and you’ll all be happier if the tots can coast along in a stroller for part of the day.

Choosing a Washington D.C. hotel isn’t very difficult, since there are many in the vicinity of the Capitol’s most famous landmarks. When booking your hotel room, don’t forget to look for online hotel specials near the attractions you want to visit. Other areas of the city certainly have their charms, but if sight-seeing is your goal, you’ll be happiest in a D.C. hotel walking distance to the monuments and government buildings.

The concierge at your Washington hotel should be able to help you map out your route. Some boutique Washington D.C. hotels have walking maps already printed that will lead you to all the commonly viewed sites. To view four of the most popular monuments, some maps suggest starting at the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument, a giant white marble obelisk, is actually the tallest of all the monuments, and measures at an unbelievable 555 feet! It’s surrounded by the state flags of each of the 50 states, and represents George Washington’s unyielding ideals and love for the new nation.

Walking between monuments and historic sites can be somewhat tiring, so it’s a good idea to bring along some bottled water when setting out from your luxury Washington D.C. hotel. After the Washington Memorial comes the Jefferson Memorial. The iconic model of Monticello is surrounded by Japanese cherry trees and was created in 1943, on the 200Th anniversary of Jefferson’s birthday.

About a half-mile away, you’ll come to the The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, which is actually a series of outdoor galleries. In a change of pace form the previous two monuments, you’ll see that the FDR Memorial is made of pink granite, rather than white marble, and surrounded by thousands of trees and bushes. A short walk will next bring you to the Korean War Veterans Memorial, which actually shows a larger than life squad of soldiers next to a wall sandblasted with images of those who supported the war efforts.

These four monuments are a great start when taking part in a self-guided walking tour around the city, though there’s much more to see. After walking several miles, you’ll want to head back to your boutique hotel and rest your feet before picking up the touring again the next day!

write by Gregory Binford

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