Add Glamour to Your Wedding Attire With Dazzling Bridal Shoes

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Although most believe that it is the wedding gown that is the center of attraction on the big day, those who are wise and knowledgeable know that the shoes and the other accessories are as much important as the gown. Especially the shoes, though vastly hidden by the skirt of the gown, add the ultimate sparkle to the outfit when it does makes an appearance. So not only would it be unwise to ignore the shoes, but it will also be a huge faux pass, and you would surely want to avoid that on your wedding day. If you are confused about what exactly to choose to match your wedding gown, then here is a perfect guide.

Shoes for Themed Weddings: If your wedding is themed around a specific design or motif, then it would be most appropriate if your shoe, along with your clutch and gown matches the motif as well. The common themes like floral motifs and butterfly are readily available these days. However, if it has more complex motifs like birds or winter themes, then you would have to place an order beforehand. The easiest way would be to settle for a sparkling shoe and attach the motif, separately made, on the front. Choose the shoes with care as regard your size and the height of the heels.

Dyeable Wedding Shoes: The problem that most brides face is that they think that the color of the wedding shoe, which is mostly white or silver, may not match with the color of any the dresses she wears, especially if she always likes to wear bright colors. So they either buy a cheap shoe which they would not feel bad about discarding after the wedding, or wear a mismatched shoe which they hope would not be seen in the hustle of the wedding and due to the wide skirt of the gown. Well, the simple solution is to opt for Dyeable Wedding Shoes. These shoes can be easily dyed to whichever color you want and can hence be used well after the wedding.

Swarovski Embedded Wedding Shoes: Swarovski is the ultimate when it comes to adding sparkle and glamour in just about any outfit. Have your satin wedding shoes embedded with Swarovski crystals, designed on an intricate pattern matching the embroidery on the wedding gown. You would no doubt be dazzling from head to toe on the grand day. Have an Ivory Heel with it, the length height matching your comfort level, and you would be the most beautiful bride on earth.

So if your wedding is fast approaching, order your wedding shoes with these unique ideas and be ready to look like a princess on your wedding day.

write by Muriel

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