63 Simple Sewing Projects – Anyone Can Do {All FREE}

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Here are simple sewingprojects to get you started in a great new hobby. Sewing can be easy when you choose the right project and is so rewarding when you can tell your friends and family “I made that”.

If you have a sewing machine, there are so many things you can make with a simple straight stitch. And if you don`t have a machine, several simple hand stitches will allow you to get great results. The Treasurie blog has nearly 400 how-to-sew articles for beginners to get you started. This tutorial will show you some free patterns you can try.

Simple Sewing ProjectsPinSimple Sewing Projects


Simple Sewing Projects to TryIs Sewing Easy?Can I Learn Sewing Online?Simple Sewing Projects – Tools NeededSimple Sewing – Machine TechniquesWhat is the Simplest Thing to Sew?Simple Sewing Projects and IdeasPillows and CushionsHome Decor Simple Sewing ProjectsSimple Sewing FlowersHair AccessoriesSimple Sewing for GirlsBaby Simple Sewing ProjectsDoll Clothing and BeddingSleep MasksMiscellaneous Simple Sewing ProjectsPincushionsChristmas and Seasonal Simple Sewing ProjectsPurse Patterns & Accessory PatternsSimple Sewing Project FAQSWhat material is the easiest to sew?What can I sew in an hour?Best Premium Simple Sewing PatternsHow to Make Money with Simple Sewing ProjectsSimple Sewing Projects – In Conclusion

Simple Sewing Projects to Try

Here are the answers to some questions you might be asking yourself.

Is Sewing Easy?

Yes, it is! Do a happy dance now. Like all hobbies, you need to start with easy projects and then slowly build your skills, but the basics of  sewing are really easy to learn. Best of all, there are so many online resources like this blog to help you on your way.

Can I Learn Sewing Online?

Like many new hobbies, sewing is perfect for learning online. There is a huge amount of free resources and videos to get you started. This blog now has almost 400 sewing tutorials, so no matter which skill you are looking for, there will be something for you.

It can be a little daunting to know as a beginner which simple sewing techniques to start with, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

Sewing 101 – Beginners Guide to SewingHow to Sew (great article for complete beginners)How to Thread a Sewing Machine | Step by StepHow to Wind a Bobbin | BEST Beginners GuideHow to Use a Sewing MachineTime Saving Sewing Tips

Did you know that Treasurie has a Youtube channel with lots of simple sewing tutorials and projects?

Simple Sewing Projects – Tools Needed

When you start simple sewing, you will need some basic tools. Don`t go overboard when you are starting, and check out the kits at your local sewing shop, as this can save you money.

Sewing Machine – sewing machines vary in price and functions so read my article on the best sewing machine for your budget. If you are buying a new machine, look for a combination of stitch types and functions vs price. It can be tempting to go with the machine with the most stitches but keep in mind that you will not use most of these. Sewing Kit Basics – Read my article on sewing tools to find out the basics of your kit. You will need measuring tapes, rulers, pins, needles, thread, and sewing scissors. Also necessary is an unpicker. Sewing Machine Feet – Most machines come with a selection of presser feet, and your most-used foot will be the all-purpose. This can be used for straight stitching.

Simple Sewing – Machine Techniques

Once you have your sewing machine all threaded and ready to go, you will need to practice on some scraps. Go slowly and practice your straight stitching on some gentle curves.

How to Sew with a Machine Articles:

Starting and Stopping for SewingStraight StitchingSewing CurvesSewing CornersGathering

What is the Simplest Thing to Sew?

The easiest things to sew have straight seams and take just a short amount of time to make, so you don`t get frustrated. I think the simplest sewing project is a simple cushion cover.

Mostly you just sew in a square to make a cushion cover, and next time someone admires the new cushion on your couch, you can say, “I made that!”.

My cushion cover tutorial has what is called an envelope back, which means there are no tricky zippers or buttons. The back has a simple overlap with a straight edge where you can insert your cushion insert.

Envelope Pillow - Simple Sewing ProjectsEnvelope Pillow - Simple Sewing ProjectsPinEnvelope Pillow – Simple Sewing Projects

Simple Sewing Projects and Ideas

There are many other simple sewing projects. All these simple sewing projects are free on my blog so give them a try before moving on to more advanced patterns. They all have a skill level suitable for beginner sewers.

The best thing about all the below simple sewing projects is that they are all free!

Pillows and Cushions

Pillows and cushions are very simple sewing projects as most of these just require you to be able to sew in straight lines. You`d be surprised how easy it is to transform your lounge room with a few new throw cushions.

Reading Pillow Pattern - Simple sewing projectsReading Pillow Pattern - Simple sewing projectsPin

Reading Pillow

Get this reading pillow pattern and make a personalized cover for your favorite reader. It is an ideal beginner sewing project.

How to Make a PillowcaseHow to Make a PillowcasePin

Throw Pillow

This is by far the easiest pillow to make. Learn how to make a cushion with this easy envelope style with no zippers or buttons.

How to Sew a Zippered Cushion CoverHow to Sew a Zippered Cushion CoverPin

Zippered Covers

Cushion covers with a zipper are easy to make and take off for washing. Zippers are a great way to expand your sewing skills.

pillowcase pattern, how to make a pillowcasepillowcase pattern, how to make a pillowcasePin


How to Make a Pillowcase with a French Seam – These pillowcases have an enclosed seam, so they are extra durable.

cushion cover with pipingcushion cover with pipingPin

Covers with Piping

Make a Cushion Cover with Piping – Once you have made the basic cushion cover, it is time to make a little fancier variation with piping around the outside. This is perfect for adding a pop of color to your creation.

pom pom pillowspom pom pillowsPin

Pom Pom Pillows

DIY Pom Pom Pillows – Another variation on the basic cushion cover is to add pom-poms.

star pillow patternstar pillow patternPin

Star Pillows

Star Pillow Pattern – Pillows don`t have to be rectangular! Make your favorite big or little star a personalized pillow. Free printable pattern,

Travel Pillow PatternTravel Pillow PatternPin

Travel Pillows

Travel Pillow Pattern – These crescent-shaped pillows make travel a breeze.

Home Decor Simple Sewing Projects

Home decor is a great way to brighten and personalize your home. These items also make great gifts as you can use fabrics to suit the personality of the receiver.

Simple Sewing Projects - BasketSimple Sewing Projects - BasketPin


Fabric Baskets are easy to make and can be used for kids` storage, pot plants, and your sewing room. You will learn how to use interfacing and create a box corner.

How to Make CurtainsHow to Make CurtainsPin


Learning how to make curtains is a really simple sewing project. Essentially they are just large rectangles. Transform your house with new curtains.

how to make buntinghow to make buntingPin


Sewing bunting is really easy and another great scrap buster. Make every flag a different fabric!

diy fabric coastersdiy fabric coastersPin

Fabric Coasters

Protect your wooden tables by making fabric coasters. This tutorial has patterns for 3 shapes.

Bowl CozyBowl CozyPin

Bowl Cozy

A bowl cozy pattern protects your hands from the heat of a bowl that has been in the microwave. Perfect for holding warm soups.

Half Apron PatternHalf Apron PatternPin

Half Apron

Half apron pattern to personalize. I love the large pockets.

How to Make an ApronHow to Make an ApronPin


Learn how to make a stylish apron. These free sewing patterns have adult and kid sizes with printable pieces.

How to Make a PlacematHow to Make a PlacematPin


Learn how to make a placemat. Personalize as well as protect your table. Placemats are ideal for fat quarters.

Rug Mug Pattern, How to Make a Mug RugRug Mug Pattern, How to Make a Mug RugPin

Mug Rugs

A mug rug pattern will keep your desk and craft space clean. As well as a mug, there is enough room for snacks!

Simple Sewing Flowers

Making flowers is a really simple sewing project and great for smaller scraps. The flowers can be added to clothing, home decor, or used for hair accessories.

diy fabric flowersdiy fabric flowersPin

Round Petals

How to Make Fabric Flowers is an excellent skill for sewers since they can be added to all kinds of projects.

cloth flower makingcloth flower makingPin

Pointed Petals

Cloth Flower Making is easy with this step-by-step tutorial. These flowers can be added to clothing or made into brooches and hair accessories

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are definitely simple sewing projects! They don`t take much fabric and are quick and easy to make, even for beginners.

Simple Sewing Project - Hair TieSimple Sewing Project - Hair TiePin

Hair Ties

DIY hair ties are great simple sewing projects. Add a pop of color by using different fabrics on each side.

DIY Felt BowDIY Felt BowPin

Felt Bows

DIY Felt Bows are quick to make and can be glued or sewn with a simple hand stitch. This tutorial includes a printable pattern.

Simple Sewing Projects -ScrunchieSimple Sewing Projects -ScrunchiePin


Learn how to make a scrunchie. What I like about making scrunchies is that it is all straight sewing, and it only uses scraps of fabric. Make some extras to give to your friends or sell at the local markets.

Simple Sewing for Girls

Sewing for a little girl is really rewarding and doesn`t take as much fabric as adult clothing.

Simple Sewing Project - DressSimple Sewing Project - DressPin

Pillowcase Dresses

A girl`s pillowcase dress pattern is a great introduction to sewing clothing. Easy ties at the shoulders, with an optional border at the bottom. Can you believe this pattern is free?

free tutu skirt patternfree tutu skirt patternPin

Tutu Skirt

The Tutu Skirt Pattern has an easy elastic waist and 2 layers along with a decorative bow.

free shrug patternfree shrug patternPin

Dance Shrug

Dance Shrug for Girls – The pattern has printable pieces in girl`s sizes 2-14. Designed for stretch fabric.

Caprice CapeCaprice CapePin


Free Capelet Pattern – This vintage-style capelet can be made from natural calico. One size.

Rabbit Skirt PatternRabbit Skirt PatternPin


Girls Skirt Pattern – This simple skirt pattern has printable rabbits in different sizes, so you can mix and match them to create something unique.

kimono jacket patternkimono jacket patternPin


Kimono Pattern for Girls – This pattern has sizes 2-14 and is a simple sewing project for beginners.

Baby Simple Sewing Projects

Baby sewing projects are a great way to use up smaller pieces of fabric and larger scraps. They can be really rewarding and a nice gift for the mother and father-to-be.

Simple Sewing Burp ClothSimple Sewing Burp ClothPin

Burp Cloths

Burp cloths make a great present for the new mum or grandma. They protect your clothing from unwanted accidents and can be thrown in the wash over and over. This pattern has 3 different shapes.

How to Make a Baby BlanketHow to Make a Baby BlanketPin

Baby Blanket

Learn how to make a baby blanket with this easy step-by-step great tutorial that includes measurements for several sizes.

Baby Skirt - Simple Sewing ProjectBaby Skirt - Simple Sewing ProjectPin

Baby Skirts

Learn how to make a baby skirt using your baby`s waist and height measurements. This simple style has a comfortable elastic waist.

How to Make a Baby QuiltHow to Make a Baby QuiltPin

Baby Quilt Pattern

Learn how to make a baby quilt! Use scrap fabric to make a patchwork quilt for your baby or furry friend.

Doll Clothing and Bedding

Doll clothing and bedding simple sewing projects make great gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Like many of the ideas on this page, it only takes scraps of fabric and a short amount of time.

Doll Shirt Pattern - Simple sewing projectsDoll Shirt Pattern - Simple sewing projectsPin

18″ Doll T-shirt

This doll t-shirt pattern has a printable template included. It is easy to get on and off for little fingers with a velcro back opening.

free doll clothes patternsfree doll clothes patternsPin

18″ Doll Cape

Make a Doll Cape with this easy tutorial. Great for using up cotton fabric scraps – this sample was made in calico.

doll pillow pattern - Simple sewing projectsdoll pillow pattern - Simple sewing projectsPin

Doll Pillow Insert

How to Make Doll Pillows – This quick sewing project will show you how to make an insert for doll pillowcases. Make the inert plain or patterned.

doll mattress patterndoll mattress patternPin

Doll Mattress

How to Make a Doll Mattress – Make a mattress to fit the popular IKEA bed shown. The tutorial also has measurements you can use for any size bed.

doll blanket pattern Simple sewing projectsdoll blanket pattern Simple sewing projectsPin

Doll Blanket

How to Make a Doll Blanket – Now you have a mattress, you need a blanket to keep dolly warm.

how to make doll pillows - Simple sewing projectshow to make doll pillows - Simple sewing projectsPin

Doll Pillowcases

Doll Pillowcase covers will fit the insert shown above. 2 pretty styles, with and without a border.

Sleep Masks

Covering your eyes can keep out light and help you sleep better. These sleep masks are easy to make and a great gift.

DIY Sleep Mask Simple sewing projectsDIY Sleep Mask Simple sewing projectsPin

Curved Mask

How to Make a Sleep Mask – This curved mask has a printable free pattern.

DIY Sleep Mask Simple sewing projectsDIY Sleep Mask Simple sewing projectsPin

Cat Mask

Cat Sleep Mask – Why should sleep masks be boring? Make a cat face mask with a cute face.

Miscellaneous Simple Sewing Projects

diy phone cover - Simple sewing projectsdiy phone cover - Simple sewing projectsPin

Phone Cover

Protect your phone with a DIY phone case. The tutorial will show you how to make any size.

tooth fairy pillowtooth fairy pillowPin

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth Fairy Pattern – These are a must for kids losing their first teeth. It has a little pocket in which you can slip some change.

free dog bandana pattern - Simple sewing projectsfree dog bandana pattern - Simple sewing projectsPin

Dog Bandana

Get this free dog bandana pattern and make something for your favorite furry friend. This is a great beginner sewing project.


Make your sewing room look fancy and admire your work as you sew with DIY pincushions. Here are 3 styles you can sew.

Simple Sewing Projects - PincushionSimple Sewing Projects - PincushionPin


Patchwork pincushions are a great simple sewing project. Use some small scraps and learn how to straight stitch and sew a button. You can admire your work every time you reach for a pin.

pin cushion - Simple sewing projectspin cushion - Simple sewing projectsPin

Round Pincushion

DIY Pincushion – This style is quite a traditional round style with segments. Add a button to the center for a pop of color, and you are ready to start pinning.

Felt Pin CushionFelt Pin CushionPin

Felt Pincushion

Simple sewing doesn`t always have to be done by machine. Learn how to hand sew a felt pincushion. This is a great project to practice your hand stitches.

Christmas and Seasonal Simple Sewing Projects

Nothing puts you in the Christmas mood like a simple sewing project with a themed fabric.

How to Make a Santa Hat - Simple sewing projectsHow to Make a Santa Hat - Simple sewing projectsPin

Santa Hat

This is one of the simplest sewing projects for Christmas. Make this easy Santa Hat.

Christmas Tree Skirt PatternChristmas Tree Skirt PatternPin

Tree Skirt

Get this free tree skirt pattern. Tree skirts cover the ugly bottom of trees and are great for placing presents on.

How to Make a Santa Sack - Simple sewing projectsHow to Make a Santa Sack - Simple sewing projectsPin

Santa Sack

Make a Santa sack to put all the presents in. Make it small or large to suit. This is a drawstring bag.


Felt Gift Bags

Felt Gift Bags – These are an easy project for Christmas and birthdays for small items. Printable pattern.

Gift Bag PatternGift Bag PatternPin

Fabric Gift Bags

Fabric Gift Bags – This pattern has 4 sizes, including a wine bag. Great simple projects.

Christmas Cushion - Simple sewing projectsChristmas Cushion - Simple sewing projectsPin

Tree Cover

Christmas Cushion Cover – Add some cheer to your lounge with a stylized tree applique.

Christmas AppliqueChristmas AppliquePin

Applique Shirt

Christmas T-shirt Applique – This is the perfect project as the applique can go on other items too.

christmas coasters - Simple sewing projectschristmas coasters - Simple sewing projectsPin

Christmas Coasters

Tree Coasters – Impress your guests with fancy drink coasters in the shape of Christmas trees.

Purse Patterns & Accessory Patterns

Personally, I love purse patterns. I find it really rewarding to take out a little purse that I`ve made. These are the best sewing projects for purses.

Scottie Dog Pattern - Simple sewing projectsScottie Dog Pattern - Simple sewing projectsPin

Scottie Dog Purse

Scottie Dog Purse Tutorial – This pattern comes with a printable pattern for the applique. (vinyl/leather pattern)

clutch tutorial Simple sewing projectsclutch tutorial Simple sewing projectsPin

Sunshine Clutch

Sunshine Clutch Pattern – Make a trendy semi-circular clutch to go out in style.

travel tissue cover Simple sewing projectstravel tissue cover Simple sewing projectsPin

Tissue Cover

Tissue Cover Pattern – This fits a standard small packet of tissues. Attach it to your bag with a ring.

DIY business card holderDIY business card holderPin


Cardholder Pattern – This will hold standard business cards. Match your card case to your personality.

Tote Bag Pattern Simple sewing projectsTote Bag Pattern Simple sewing projectsPin

Tote Bag

Learn how to make a tote with this easy tutorial. This easy project has a lined or unlined tote pattern. No more plastic bags!

mini clutch pattern - Simple sewing projectsmini clutch pattern - Simple sewing projectsPin

Mini Coin Purse

DIY Coin Purse These mini purses can attach as a key fob. Make good use of your leather scraps.

star clutch patternstar clutch patternPin

Star Clutch

Stary Sky Clutch Tutorial. This trendy clutch can be made from leather or vinyl.

Make up Brush Holder PatternMake up Brush Holder PatternPin

Makeup Roll

Makeup Brush Roll Pattern – This purse has sections for your brushes. It is great for pens too.

triangle pouch tutorial Simple sewing projectstriangle pouch tutorial Simple sewing projectsPin

Triangle Pouches

Triangle Pouch Pattern – These triangular pouches can be made from leather and vinyl. Easy sewing tutorial.

Simple Sewing Project FAQS

What material is the easiest to sew?

Light to medium-weight cotton is always the easiest thing to sew. If you are a beginner, avoid synthetic fabrics and knit fabric. Look for fabric types such as quilting cotton as its slight crispness makes it very easy to sew.

What can I sew in an hour?

There are an enormous amount of simple sewing projects that you can sew in an hour. Nearly all the projects on this page won`t take much more. Of course, as you gain confidence in sewing, you will get faster and faster.

Best Premium Simple Sewing Patterns

Premium patterns are the next step up from the simple sewing free patterns and include multiple sizes.

Well, I have a sewing pattern shop, so of course, I am biased. But I am proud of the detail and clarity of my sewing patterns which are all in PDF format. This means you get the pattern with instant download, so no running off to the shop. My patterns are modern, clear, and have great sizing options and the perfect beginner sewing patterns.


PDF sewing patterns are opened with the free program Adobe Reader, and the pattern pieces can be printed on a regular home computer. Here are some popular categories of sewing patterns:

PinGirls DressesPinLeotardsPinBabyPinWomen’s

How to Make Money with Simple Sewing Projects

Etsy, craft fairs, Amazon Handmade, and the simplicity of having your own website have made it more attractive than ever to make money with simple sewing. These easy projects make great gifts and are an easy way to make some extra money.

Further Reading:

How to start a sewing businessSuccess at craft shows and markets

Simple Sewing Projects – In Conclusion

Now you have some simple sewing tips, you are all ready to make your first easy sewing projects. Start small with your first sewing project and work your way up, and you will gain confidence and great skills.

Simple Sewing Projects PursesSimple Sewing Projects PursesPinSimple Sewing Purses

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