5 Best Superhero Husbands

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Comic book superheroes have been increasingly seen in the main stream media lately thanks to a wave of comic book character movies such as Iron Man and Green Lantern as well as more in the works like Captain America, Thor, the Avengers and many others. For the most part these characters tend to attract the attention of guys who are into action flicks and comic books, but they can be interesting for the ladies too! Here is a run down of the 5 superheroes that would likely make the best husbands!

Thor – First of all, he is a god! This means he will never use the tired excuse of “Hey, I’m only human” to try and weasel out of something stupid he did. He is nearly immortal, physically the strongest of the Norse gods, nearly invulnerable to physical injury and can summon the elements. (This could come in handy, for example, “Darling the garden could use a little rain, would you mind?”) Plus, as Donald Blake he is a highly trained and licensed physician and surgeon. That’s right, you would officially be a goddess and a doctor’s wife at the same time! Finally it must be noted that he was willing to defy orders from his father, and be attacked for his disobedience, to maintain his relationship with Jane Foster. Obviously he knows how to commit!

Captain America – This very patriotic superhero was dedicated to fighting the evil Axis powers in World War II, which comes with super great bragging rights like, “my husband punched Hitler in the face, what’s your man done lately!” He is friendly with the president of the United States, which has to come with some perks, right? The Captain America costume is attractive enough so you know he’s a good dresser. More importantly though, he has been enhanced to the peak of human perfection and has endurance far in excess of an ordinary human being. All else aside though, who could resist the chance to be referred to as Miss America?

Zorro – Zorro is the dark and mysterious type that tends to intrigue most women. Who IS that man behind the mask? He speaks with a sexy Spanish accent and is a smooth operator who is well known for his cunning ability to elude authorities and delights in publicly humiliating his foes. He avenges the helpless and oppressed and works to punish cruel politicians. He is an agile athlete and acrobat, a master swordsman and skilled in unarmed combat. Compassionate and skillful, plus don’t forget the accent, makes him excellent husband material.

Iron Man – First of all can you say ka-ching! Since we all know that Iron Man is actually billionaire Tony Stark, money will officially never be an issue in your relationship. (You: “Hey sweetie, I bought myself a couple dozen pairs of Louboutin heels today!” Him: “That’s nice, seeing a $100,000 charge on the credit card statement for shoes is awesome.”) But let’s say you are not a total gold digger. He is also a super smart genius and very innovative, his Iron Man costumes just keep getting more amazing! He works hard to fight terrorists, so you know he has a good moral compass. Smart, rich and a good guy = very good husband candidate.

Superman – Perhaps the best known superhero of them all, this character is without a doubt an American cultural icon. An alien from the planet Krypton, he is sent to Earth and raised by farmers in Kansas who instill a good sense of morals into him. As he realizes his superhuman capabilities, does he make plans to enslave the human race? No, instead he decides to use his power for the benefit of humanity. He can fly, has x-ray vision, super-strength and in general looks great in his famous Superman costume. But of all the superheroes there is one very important thing that separates Superman from the rest of the pack. Superman can be conveniently controlled with a piece of kryptonite! So while in most instances it would be impossible to exert any influence over a superhero as his non-super mortal wife, you simply wave this little rock in his face and he’ll definitely be paying close attention to your side of an argument!

write by Farley

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